L.A. Tourist Injuries & Premises Liability Law

Los Angeles Premises Liability Lawyer

Los Angeles is a popular destination for tourists because of many sight-seeing and dining opportunities. Whenever a tourist comes to visit, they have a reasonable expectation not to get injured during their stay. It is therefore the duty of the hotel, motel, resort, or guesthouse owners to ensure the safety of their guests. To do this, owners must make sure that their guests are safe on their property. This is known as the premises liability law.

What you should know about Premises Liability Law

As mentioned earlier, someone controlling or managing a property has the responsibility to ensure the safety of the guests staying on that property. They must take care to make sure that their property does not pose any risk of potential hazards. If someone visits LA as a tourist, or stays at a hotel, and gets injured because property they are in violates their obligation towards them, they are entitled to damages.

As a tourist, you can take advantage of a premises liability lawyer to understand when and what you should do.

As a property owner, you should take all precautionary measures on your property to make sure that none of your guests have any chance to complain. Keep up with maintenance of your property: have cracks on walls, floors, and handrails fixed, and keep the hotel guests away from areas that are under construction and are prone to potential hazards.

What’s covered in Premises Liability Lawsuits

Contrary to belief, slip and falls and other incidents that involve tripping and falling are not the only cases where premises liability lawsuits come into play. If you attend a nightclub and are assaulted, you can sue the nightclub under the premises liability lawsuit.

Construction site hazards, falling on sidewalks, dog bites around the immediate vicinity of your hotel premises, swimming pool accidents, inadequate security, electrical shock and injury, elevator malfunctions, and amusement park injuries are also covered in premises liability lawsuits.

The owners of the hotel or amusement park or night clubs or corner stores (or the management that runs it) have to be careful not to let incidents like these happen. They must also take into account any unforeseen circumstances like third party assaults and ensure the safety of their guest and patrons.

The injuries that occur in the premises liability law cases include fractures, head trauma, concussions, lacerations and in worst case scenarios, spinal cord injuries and even death.

What can you claim in Premises Liability Lawsuits?

Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to receive compensation for lost wages, rehab costs, emotional or physical distress, future income, medical expenses in immediate or near future.

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If you have been injured on someone’s property while visiting California, you need to speak with a dedicated Los Angeles premises liability attorney to discuss your rights. Our personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles know exactly how best to pursue compensation for all related financial losses if a property owner fails to protect you as a guest.

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