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In recent years there has been a virtual campaign on certain radio, television and other media outlets against personal injury lawyers, generally motivated by corporations such as insurance companies who are stung by substantial verdicts they have to pay in lawsuits. We answer the challenge of this media campaign by staying focused on the fight of each client’s case, and pursuing our mission of service to the public.

We serve clients who need help with the serious problems that can come out of an injury, and in doing so we also serve the community at large. When a company, a premises owner, or another driver chooses to ignore the rules in some way and that causes harm to someone, that kind of choice affects us all. The safety of individuals is the safety of the public. So our attorneys welcome the fight to achieve justice for one, which in the end is justice for all.

The pain and discomfort, the debts, the lack of mobility, the loss of life experiences that can come with an injury are things that insurance companies and other defendants don’t think about. Casualty insurance companies exist for the purpose of paying claims when there is an accident, but their mission all too often seems to be, to increase corporate profits and pay as little as they can get away with. They do not realize that your lawsuit to recover for your loss is not just about money. It is a struggle to achieve justice and to restore as much of your previous life as possible.

A famous French judge after the American Revolution, Alexis De Tocqueville, wrote in a famous treatise that in this new experiment called democracy, American lawyers were a key element in preserving individual freedom and justice, because they gave individuals access to the power of the State through its judicial system, evening out the imbalance of power between a single claimant and a large company or state agency.

But the path of a lawsuit is complex and full of risks in the struggle against a usually well-funded and skillful adversary, so an injured person needs a lawyer who does not shrink from the challenge, and who pays attention to the individual needs of each unique client. An experienced lawyer is needed to develop litigation strategies you may not understand as a layperson, such as “998 offers” and “motions in limine.”

Our mission is to provide a level of commitment and determination that stands out among personal injury law firms, and to achieve the best possible solution and financial recovery in your case.

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