This Week In the News: SoCal Coronavirus Updates 03/23-03/06

This Week In The News: SoCal Coronavirus Updates (03/23-03/27) Normal Routines, Filling the Emotional Tank and Staying Socially Connected Key to Mental Health During Coronavirus Isolation Thursday, March 26 (CBS Los Angeles) – On Thursday, Mayo Clinic psychologist Dr. Craig Sawchuk offered advice on coping while maintaining social distancing during the coronavirus

This Week In The News: 03/09-03/13

This Week In The News (03/09-03/13) Coronavirus in LA: Mayor Garcetti Bans Non-City Employees From City Hall, Large Gatherings Banned Thursday, March 12 (CBSLA) - Los Angeles Mayor Eric Carcetti announced the closure of City Hall for all non-city employees amid concerns of the coronavirus. The city of Los Angeles will also

This Week In The News: 02/24-02/28

This Week In The News (02/24-02/28) Dow Plunges Another 1,200 Points on Coronavirus Fears Thursday, February 27 (CBS News) - The stock market is allergic to uncertainty, and nothing breeds uncertainty than a potential global pandemic. Stocks plummeted more than a 1,000 points for the second time this week following more reported