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Why Auto Insurance Is Important

Why Auto Insurance Is Important For most of us, driving an automobile is an unavoidable fact of life. With increasingly clogged thoroughfares, fender-benders are an inevitability. One could argue that car accidents are random mishaps, but you really are playing the odds every time you hit the highway. Having adequate auto insurance is not only required by

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This Week In The News: 08/12-08/16

This Week In The News (08/12-08/16) CHP Officer Dead, 2 Others Wounded in Gun Battle on Riverside Highway Monday, AUGUST 12th (Fox 5 San Diego) - A routine traffic stop turned deadly near the 215 Freeway in Riverside on Monday. Officer Andre Moye was filling out paperwork to impound the driver’s vehicle, when the suspect pulled out

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What Are Premises Liability Cases?

What Are Premises Liability Cases? Premises Liability Cases are situations that relate to personal injury law. The operative word being ‘premises’. Meaning, any injury that occurs on someone else’s property, or premises, due to their negligence, may be considered liable for your injuries. Most premises liability claims fall under the umbrella of personal injury cases, but they

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This Week In The News: 08/05/2019-08/09/2019

This Week In The News (08/05-08/09) 4 Dead, 2 Wounded in Garden Grove, Santa Ana Stabbing Spree; Man Arrested Wednesday, August 7 (CBS Los Angeles) – Following a violent stabbing and robbery spree on Wednesday, a 33-year-old man was arrested in Santa Ana. Four people were left dead, according to police, in a rampage that began at

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Serious Injuries in a Personal Injury Case

Serious Injuries in a Personal Injury Case Life is full of unexpected setbacks; in some instances, these situations can be devastating. Serious injuries are considered the most severe of personal injury cases. A serious injury case is defined by loss of limb, disfigurement, fractures, broken bones, or a host of other injuries that significantly limit your ability

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This Week In The News: 07/29/2019-08/02/2019

This Week In The News (07/29-08/02) 17-Year-Old Pedestrian Taken To Hospital In Critical Condition After Being Hit By Vehicle Tuesday, July 30 (CBS Los Angeles) – According to the Brea Police Department, a 17-year-old male was hospitalized in critical condition after being hit by a vehicle on Tuesday. The collision involved a single vehicle, which struck the

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This Week In The News: 07/22/2019-07/26/2019

This Week In The News (07/22-07/26) Pac-12 Announces Addition of Los Angeles Bowl in new LA Stadium to Lineup for 2020-25 Wednesday, July 24 (Pac-12) – On Wednesday, the Pac-12 Conference announced that, beginning in 2020, the Los Angeles Bowl will be added to its postseason lineup. The deal lasts through 2025. Following the 2020 regular season,

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Passengers Needing An Attorney

Passengers Needing An Attorney Did you know you can hire a Los Angeles personal injury attorney if you’re a passenger injured in an automobile accident caused by someone else’s negligence? You don’t need to have been driving the vehicle. Even if a friend or relative was driving, you can file a passenger injury claim, and be awarded

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This Week In The News: 07/15/2019-07/19/2019

This Week In The News (07/15-07/19) One Hurt In Violent Crash Following Shooting Outside Alhambra 7-Eleven Tuesday, July 16 (CBS Los Angeles) – Police were investigating whether an SUV crash in Alhambra on Tuesday morning was related to an earlier shooting. The car-to-car shooting occurred outside a 7-Eleven about a half-mile from the accident scene. The white

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How Old Can You Be to Obtain a Personal Injury Attorney?

How Old Can You Be to Obtain a Personal Injury Attorney? Children are less experienced, more impulsive, and more susceptible to injuries than adults. Their legal options are also limited, or so you may think. Many people believe an injured child must be over 18 to file a lawsuit. But in a child injury case, compensation for

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