What Happens If You Don’t Use Insurance Money for Repairs?

If your car accident claim is approved, you’ll most likely use the insurance money for repairs. But what happens if you don’t? Many claimants worry about being denied or receiving a check for less than the repairs to a vehicle. However, it’s not unheard of for someone to consider using the money for something else. […]

Liability vs. Full Coverage: Can I Save By Dropping One?

Auto insurance isn’t cheap, so vehicle owners sometimes weigh liability vs. full coverage. We’ve talked about the difference between the two before. Liability-only insurance covers damage to other vehicles and injuries to other people. But full coverage also includes damage to your vehicle (and sometimes medical payments coverage). But what if you chose to drop […]

Does GAP Insurance Cover a Total Loss?

Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) insurance is one of a few types of car insurance that can cover accident-related costs. But what if your car is totaled? Most policies limit the coverage amounts and types of coverage  (collision, medical, uninsured motorist, etc., but not a totaled car). GAP insurance does cover a total loss, and we’ll […]

Will the Insurance Company Send Me a Check for My Medical Bills?

Paying your insurance premiums every month is enough of an expense. Medical bills can be much costlier if you’re injured in an accident. If not insured, you’ll have to pay them out-of-pocket. But let’s assume you are insured; now, we’ll look at the answer to the question, “Will the insurance company send me a check […]

Can I Sell a Totaled Car?

When a car is totaled, the insurance company has decided the cost of fixing the vehicle is more than its value. Salvaged cars are those that have been declared totaled. Selling a totaled car is possible and legal. If you’re asking, “Can I sell a totaled car?”, we’ll explain how to do so. Your Insurance […]

What If an Insurance Check Is Less Than the Repairs to My Vehicle?

You were in an auto accident, and the repair shop quoted a price of $2,000. However, the insurance company refuses to pay more than $1,200, claiming that’s what the repairs should cost. This is not uncommon. Insurance policyholders often find their insurance company won’t cover the total price of a vehicle repair. Can you dispute […]

How Long Is an Insurance Check Good For?

If you receive an insurance check, chances are you need access to the funds quickly. But it can be easy to be forgetful. Or, perhaps a family member passed away and had an old check lying around. Can you still cash it? We’ll look at how long an insurance check is good for and if […]