Are Bouncers Allowed to Touch You?

Are Bouncers Allowed to Touch You? Bars, clubs, and other establishments hire individuals to provide security services. But there’s a limit to the measures they can take. Unnecessary force, restraint, or detention are illegal. Nonetheless, in certain situations, you may wonder how far is too far. We’ll look at the legal limitations

What Are Extenuating Circumstances?

What Are Extenuating Circumstances? Extenuating circumstances is a legal term that may be used in criminal or personal injury cases. Combining the Latin words “ex” and “tenuis”, extenuating basically means that a punishable action becomes forgivable. In some instances, the wrongdoer may be forgiven or pardoned. However, it is more often that

What Is a Testifying Expert?

What Is a Testifying Expert? A witness answers questions under oath, whether during a deposition or a trial. They are generally prohibited from offering opinions or analyses, with the exception of expert witnesses. A testifying expert may contribute technical, scientific, medical, or other specialized knowledge related to their field of expertise. If

What is Assumption of Risk?

What is Assumption of Risk? Various factors can impact your ability to seek damages in a personal injury case. Assumption of risk can relieve a defendant of liability in regard to negligence. This means that, if you sustained an injury after voluntarily exposing yourself to a known danger, you cannot recover damages.

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