Personal Liability vs. Personal Injury Coverage

Personal Liability vs. Personal Injury Coverage

Aside from seeking the best personal injury attorney after an accident, you may wonder about the difference between personal liability and personal injury coverage. The sound of these terms can obscure their true meanings. However, they’re both crucial for navigating a personal injury case and obtaining compensation. Here’s an in-depth look into the definition of […]

6 Must-Follow Driving Tips for Winter in California

Motorists traveling through the snow country of California’s mountains must be prepared for driving in winter weather. Locations such as Ebbetts Pass, Sonora Pass, June Lake Loop, Mammoth Lakes, and others can become hazardous when the snow starts to fall. As ski season and winter in California approaches, it’s helpful to know these driving tips […]

Sports-Related Injuries in a Negligence Lawsuit

Participating in sports has inherent risks. Most sports involve high degrees of contact, thus increasing the risk of injury. Separating a typical sports injury from an avoidable one is often what lands, many institutions and teams to a negligence lawsuit. While people generally “assume the risk” of possible harm when voluntarily playing sports, some injuries […]

Back to School: Playground Injuries

The playground is the cornerstone of childhood fun. However, there are many hidden risks and dangers that can cause severe injuries. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates more than 200,000 children are treated at emergency rooms every year for playground-related injuries. According to the CDC, the rate of severe playground injuries is […]

What Do Personal Injury Lawyers Look For in a Case?


There are a wide variety of situations that could constitute a personal injury claim. The most common personal injury cases are car accidents, medical malpractice, wrongful death, workplace accidents, and premises liability like slip and fall incidents. When you tighten the lens, more specific variations of personal injury cases could include nursing home abuse or neglect, aviation and boating accidents, dog bites and […]

Can My Personal Injury Attorney Refer Me to a Doctor?

Immediately following an accident, if urgent medical attention is needed, your first phone call should absolutely be to emergency services. Past that, one would think that the next logical point of contact would be your insurance company, but that wouldn’t be the right move. Before you call your insurance company, you should phone your personal […]

What Are Premises Liability Cases?


Premises Liability Cases are situations that relate to personal injury law. The operative word being ‘premises’. Meaning, any injury that occurs on someone else’s property, or premises, due to their negligence, may be considered liable for your injuries. Most premises liability claims fall under the umbrella of personal injury cases, but they are typically harder to […]

What Are the Safety Responsibilities of a Business and Property Owner?

Owners of a property, whether a home or business, are legally responsible for keeping it safe. When they don’t, slip and fall and other personal injury accidents can cause serious injuries and even death. Hazards include uneven surfaces, wet floors, poor security, or falling objects. Premises liability is the legal responsibility of a property owner […]

Can a Landlord Be Liable for a Dog Bite?


Many landlords forbid tenants from having a dog. That isn’t because they don’t like canines. It is due to the landlord’s fear they may be liable if the dog bites someone. Although this is possible given certain conditions, it is rare for a landlord to be liable for dog bite injuries. If such an incident […]

Construction Accidents: Who Can Be Held Responsible?


Those who work at construction sites will face many hazards during a normal business day. But, California law requires the site owner, contractors, or other employing agencies to enforce workplace safety practices and provide the right safety equipment for all employees.  If you experience a construction accident, filing a workman’s compensation is not your only option. It is also […]