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Slip and Fall Accident Attorney in Los Angeles

Premises liability refers to the legal obligation of property owners to maintain reasonably safe conditions on their property for those with a legitimate reason to be there, such as shoppers at a mall or in a parking lot.  When property owners fail to keep up their property, those injured on the premises may be able to hold the owner responsible for their related expenses.

Slip and fall cases are complex, which means many law firms will pass on taking a slip and fall case. The Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys at Law Offices of Jacob Emrani is unafraid of the difficult cases, and we thoroughly analyze your accident to give you our best legal advice on your chances of recovering compensation. By allowing property owners to only be responsible for making “reasonable inspection” of the premises over time, they have the upper-hand; so in cases of contested liability, an accident reconstruction expert is often needed who specializes in unsafe walking surfaces or tripping hazards. If you have suffered a bad fall, hold on to the shoes you were wearing at the time until you can get legal advice as to whether to proceed with a claim.

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Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys are trained to know what kinds of documents and “reasonable inspections” should have been made, and whether they appear to have been inadequate. Often a store will have security video capturing some aspect of your accident, and there may be witnesses who can only be found by an investigator. Our attorneys will pursue this information and, as is our motto, we “don’t take ‘no’ for an answer.”

A Los Angeles Slip & Fall Attorney You Can Trust

Property owner liability varies depending on the rules and principles adopted in the jurisdiction where the injury occurred. An experienced personal injury lawyer at our firm can evaluate the strength of your premises liability claim and help you recover damages for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering. Typical damages may include broken bones, spinal cord injuries, back injuries, neck injuries & more.

Injuries on a premises can happen anywhere, most commonly at:

  • Parking lots

  • Supermarkets

  • Restaurants

  • Shopping malls

  • Inside buildings due to dangerous conditions such as torn carpeting, bad lighting, narrow or poorly maintained stairs, or a wet floor

The owner of a business has a legal duty and responsibility to maintain the premises in a reasonably safe condition, or at least warn the public of a dangerous condition that they caused, were aware of, or should have been aware of. If these tests are not met, and you injure yourself on their property as a result of their failure to meet these conditions, you may have a valid claim against the business owner.

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From the time I retained

From the time I retained Jacob’s law firm they were informative and professional from doctor appointments to updates. I would reccomend Jacob’s law firm to friends and family.

Frances Rivera

nobody ever tells you how

nobody ever tells you how scary getting into an accident can be. thankfully I had the law office of Jacob emrani on my side! Denise and bamba took care of everything! Jacob and his team fought my own insurance because my accident was a hit and run. Jacob fought and fought and my insurance company paid and I’m getting a new car from my settlement! If you get injured, call jacob!

Manuel Jimenez

the best law firm in

the best law firm in Los Angeles!!! Maria Isabel Anaya was such a wonderful lawyer and helped me through the entire process. She was patient and very kind to me, and always answered the phone whenever i needed updates about my case. Jacob and his team for sure had my back every step of the way.

~Jordan S.

Jordan Slaffey

The team at this firm

The team at this firm is truly great. Maria Anaya my case worker, was one of the most helpful people I have ever dealt with. She was always answering my phone calls calling me back with any updates regarding my case and was always very compassionate and empathetic to my situation. The firm really works with you to get the best doctor for your injuries and fights for what you deserve. It’s definitely a 5 star review. This firm I would highly recommend to anyone if they are any car accidents that result in injuries.

Jordan S

In the past year, I

In the past year, I was involved in two personal injury accidents. Auto and Pedestrian. At first I went to different law firm and signed up. After couple weeks in, that law firm rushed me through the process , did nothing and took $7600 of my settlement money and want me to settled under six months. I didn’t follow through and found out Jacob Emrani law firm with more experiences. This firm helped me to settled with larger settlements. Jacob Emrani and his team support me every steps of the way. For those involved in personal injuries, please understand that you must have patience for best results and Jacob and his team is your go to firm. Small law firm can’t do what this team does. Average people without any knowledges of auto accident, insurance carriers, and/or medical experiences are too hastily assumed that everything happens with a snap of a finger or I want it now. Well, it doesn’t. Rome wasn’t built in a day and so as this process. Court case takes even longer. People with negative reviews is because they don’t understand the system and all they do is blames and complaint or fired the firm that working hard for them behind close doors. When you quit and go to another firm, all you do is waste more time, waste more of your settlement reward to another firm in fees and costs. ALl you have to do is be patience and Jacob team will takes care of you. These case managers handles couple of dozen of case everyday and all the time. These attorney work their butts off on the phone and in court fight for you to get each client the best settlement. One case are not with the same result to next case. So when people calls into the office all day long for status, demands for answer, or angry because not moving with the speed the person want does not mean case managers or attorneys ignoring you. Email them, fastest response time. They only moves as fast as insurance carriers, medicals providers, and hospitals. These insurance companies are not just going to cough up money to you just because you got hit. They need time to investigate, this process takes time, case managers only goes as fast as these people move, they fights against these adjusters for you to get the best settlement for your case. So, please be PATIENCE!!! and give them time to work on your case. DON”T QUIT. Don’t go to another firm just because you have no patience and all you do is throw your settlement money away to another attorney and your case literally start from scratch, more time waste. Jacob Emrani, his attorneys, case managers, and the all the staffs are a great team and with tremendous experiences. Put your trust in them and be patience. Final Results. $$$$$$$.

Danniel D.
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