What to do After Amusement Park Accidents

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Amusement parks in the US receive millions of visitors all through the year. While people flock to amusement parks for fun and thrills, unfortunately, sometimes accidents happen. The cause of the accident could be an unqualified crew or equipment malfunctioning, resulting in many visitors being injured annually.

When park maintenance becomes negligent in their upkeep of the grounds and attractions, they leave themselves open to liability through a personal injury suit.  Consulting with a highly-respected Los Angeles personal injury attorney is the best move you can make towards recovering needed financial compensation.

Amusement Parks and the Law

While state and local regulations may be applicable to amusements parts, any violations of the law often results in a mere fine. This does not help the victim who has fallen victim due to the negligence of the amusement park owners and employees. The good news is that the courts in all 50 states hold amusement parks to a high standard of care, which means that amusement parts, regardless of where they are located, have a legal obligation towards making their premises safe for their visitors.

Owners of amusement parks need to take all necessary steps to ensure their visitors are safe on the rides. When the owner fails to do so, the law states that they have violated their obligation, or the act of causing the breach is the amusement park’s negligent act. Whenever this happens and the result is an amusement park visitor getting injured, the injured amusement park visitor has the legal right to demand compensation for their injuries. Damages can include, medical or therapy bills, lost wages, or other expenses such as hospital bills, and the cost of medication and gasoline.

Where to Start

If you or someone you know have unfortunately fallen victim to an amusement park accident which was due to the negligence of the amusement park owners, then the best place to start is with the evidence. Whether you were injured on the grounds of the amusement park or while on any of the rides on the amusement park premises, you will have the right to a compensation for your injuries. But, you will have to prove it first, which will require evidence. Gather all the evidence you can supporting your injury claim and present it in a logical manner to the insurance company of the amusement park. This can be done by hiring a Los Angeles personal injury attorney who can help you hold the amusement park owners accountable for your injuries.

Don’t Leave, Report Your Injury

After you have been injured, don’t leave the amusement part. Instead, go directly to the ride operator and ask them to call for help. If the injury you have sustained is of a serious nature, you can have them call 911. Large amusement parks usually have a paramedics staff on standby for these sort of emergencies. There’s no need to act like you’re okay, especially if you have been seriously injured. Declining to go to the hospital to get your injury checked by a doctor means that you have squandered a way to link your injury to the negligence of the amusement park. Reporting your injury to the ride operator, paramedics staff or security personnel will mean that your injury will be recorded in the amusement park’s incident report.

Get Witnesses

Talking to witnesses is the perfect way to add credibility to your accident claim, especially eye witnesses who aren’t family members who can describe what they saw. You will want to have the eye witness write down their name and phone number so that your personal injury attorney can contact them later on for the details.

Get Video or Photographs

Any evidence that links your injuries to the negligence of the amusement park will help you in court. Make sure you take pictures, video or audio of the incident when it happens.

Finally, the only way to get what you deserve after being injured at an amusement park is by hiring an experienced and qualified personal injury attorney who can guide you through the process.

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