Can an Uber Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles Help Me Sue a Driver Directly?

Due to the nature of Uber’s corporate structure and insurance policy, suing the company for injuries sustained in a rideshare accident can be difficult. But sometimes, an Uber accident lawyer in Los Angeles can help you sue a driver. The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani have helped many clients who’ve been injured in Uber accidents. […]

Can a Lyft Accident Attorney Near Me Help Sue for Damages?

If you’re injured in a rideshare car accident, you may seek compensation for damages. But suing Lyft can be challenging since its drivers are independent contractors. The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani will help hold the responsible party accountable. If you or a loved one has been injured in a rideshare accident, our Lyft accident […]

California’s Tort Law Explained

Q: What is California’s Tort law? A: California’s Tort Law covers noncriminal, or civil, wrongdoings that cause harm or injury in some manner. It establishes grounds for a lawsuit and requires the defendant to pay damages to the injured party. The main purpose of tort law is to provide this compensation and discourage similar acts. […]

How to Avoid a DUI on Valentine’s Day

Where do broken hearts go? Sometimes to the nearest watering hole, unfortunately. It is no mystery that drunk driving incidents dramatically increase during a holiday. Emotions are high, and people are either drinking to celebrate or consuming to forget.  Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s celebrations all see a spike in DUIs. Even Independence Day and […]

What if My Uber Drive Is Drunk or Under the Influence?

psychological damages

Ridesharing has become so ingrained in our everyday lives that it’s as common as owning a cell phone. Ride-sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft have taken over the roads in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and many other major cities, with more drivers and passengers signing up every day. As of 2019, Uber reportedly holds […]

Uber Safety Tips


Uber has become a convenient way to travel. But there are safety concerns. From accident-related injuries to assaults by drivers, the reasons to protect yourself are many. The following Uber safety tips can help reduce the odds of getting into trouble and/or requiring the help of an accident attorney later. Before you begin your ride: Request a […]