What Is a Breach of Contract?

What Is a Breach of Contract? The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani is known for winning clients millions of dollars of damages in personal injury and medical malpractice cases, but breach of contract is a term most people aren’t familiar with. In a contract case, one or both parties may claim the

Examples of Non-Economic Damages

Examples of Non-Economic Damages In a personal injury lawsuit, you can claim various types of damages. These include economic damages, which are quantifiable and based on tangible losses. Another type is non-economic damages, or special damages, that aren’t as easy to calculate compared to documented financial losses, expenses, or charges. Non-Economic Damages

What Is Hearsay?

What Is Hearsay? Hearsay is a term often encountered if you go to trial. Here, we’ll examine the meaning of hearsay and how it may impact your claim, lawsuit, or case. While testifying in court, a witness may repeat a statement they heard someone else say. This is hearsay. It is made

What Is a Lien Waiver?

 What Is a Lien Waiver? A lien waiver is a document frequently used in the construction industry. It can be quite complex and have significant consequences for your business. Often accepted as a receipt for payment, it states the claimant has received payment for an agreed upon service or materials. Below, we’ll

What is Assumption of Risk?

What is Assumption of Risk? Various factors can impact your ability to seek damages in a personal injury case. Assumption of risk can relieve a defendant of liability in regard to negligence. This means that, if you sustained an injury after voluntarily exposing yourself to a known danger, you cannot recover damages.

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