Questions You Might Be Asked in a Slip and Fall Deposition

Once you file a lawsuit, a slip and fall case involves several steps before you can reach a settlement. One of these is the deposition. The defense’s attorney will want to ask you questions. While you know the facts of your case, the process can be quite intimidating if you are unfamiliar with it. The deposition enables the defense attorney to figure out what happened, understand why you are filing a lawsuit, and assess your credibility.

Your Los Angeles personal injury attorney will help prepare you for the deposition. This includes anticipating the questions you’ll be asked and preparing the appropriate documents that might be requested of the other side.

In advance of the meeting, your lawyer might provide a chance to practice your answers to the following questions:

Can You Describe the Events Leading Up to the Accident?

Even the smallest details matter here. No matter what your answer is, the defense attorney will ask more detailed follow-up questions that might consider:

  • Where you were looking
  • What you were carrying
  • Which foot slipped first
  • Where you slipped
  • Whether you saw any ice/obstructions
  • The part of your body that hit the ground first

What Were You Wearing at the Time of the Accident?

To the defense, the shoes and clothes you were wearing are important to their rebuttal. They’ll want to know the type of shoes you had on and if they were slip-proof. You may be asked how the shoes felt to walk on. Did they make walking difficult? The length of your pants may be considered as well, so it’s important to recall as many details as possible.

Can You Provide Details of Your Medical History?

You will probably be asked several questions about your medical conditions, history of injuries, and who your healthcare providers are. The idea is to assess whether injuries you claim were caused by the accident, they existed before, or whether the incident simply exacerbated an old injury. Expect to be asked a lot of different medical questions.

What Are the Injuries You Sustained Due to the Accident?

There will likely be many follow up questions about your injury. Your Los Angeles slip and fall accident attorney will help you prepare for this and gather all the facts beforehand. Questions may include queries on your symptoms, medical treatment, and the details of your recovery as well as the exact medical expenses incurred following the accident. If there’s anything you don’t remember, it’s okay to admit so rather than make something up. False information can be used against you later and lead to severe penalties.

Have You Fully Recovered?

It is important for the defendant’s legal team and insurance company to know whether you have fully recovered or still dealing with an injury. The defense will ask how your symptoms changed over time, when you started feeling better, and when you felt fully recovered, if so. They will also ask if there are activities your injuries prevent you from doing. Your restrictions may be important in determining a settlement amount, so be as through as possible.

Our Los Angeles personal injury attorney is ready to help you prepare for a slip and fall deposition. We can help you understand the process, your rights, and how to answer questions likely to be asked about your claim. For more information about our legal services in California, contact our office at 888-952-2952.

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