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If you or a loved one has sustained a serious injury in a car accident, slip and fall, or other accident caused by someone else’s negligence or wrongful actions, call The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani and we’ll start fighting for maximum compensation today!

Our personal injury attorney in San Jose can help get the compensation you deserve if you or a loved one has experienced an injury, caused by an at-fault party, that’s impacting your life, work, and ability to perform daily tasks. Such an injury can reduce your level of independence. It can also prevent you from providing for your family and other dependents. Extended hospitalization, surgeries, and long-term rehabilitation and medical care can have serious impacts on your life and finances.

Many personal injuries cause quality of life issues that may or not be quantifiable in monetary terms. In addition to quantifiable damages, a San Jose personal injury lawyer can help seek restitution for mental anguish, pain and suffering, and loss of companionship. You can even be compensated for the death of a loved one during or immediately after the accident, or even 30 days or more later.

A serious injury, from a legal standpoint, causes hardships in your life that didn’t exist before. It prevents you from returning to work, performing the same duties, or completing routine tasks. The effects are often long-lasting, ranging from weeks to months, to the rest of the victim’s life.

If you’ve been injured in the San Jose area, The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani offers several benefits, such as:

  • Each case is evaluated at no charge, so we can easily determine its potential.
  • A contingency fee for all cases, so you pay us nothing unless your case wins.
  • Our team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and schedule consultations.
  • Access to top medical specialists, ensuring access to proper care and expert witnesses.
  • Over 5 decades of legal expertise, with the ability to take on top agencies and insurance companies.

Personal Injuries in San Jose

San Jose, the third most populous city in California, is home to over 1 million residents. Its location in the center of the Santa Clara Valley, and on the southern shore of San Francisco Bay, help draw people to this affluent area of the state. San Jose is also at the heart of the technology hub known as Silicone Valley.

Another facet of this bustling city is its accident rate. According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, there were 5,394 people killed or injured in traffic accidents in 2016. Of these, 360 involved pedestrians and 150 involved motorcycles. About 650 major auto accidents involved alcohol. There were 782 DUI arrests that year; in addition, 1,452 accidents were speed-related and there were 479 hit-and-run cases.

Car accidents have been on the rise throughout the Bay Area. From 2010 to 2016, the number of accidents rose 43%. The San Jose Police Department has reported an increase in pedestrian fatalities, many involving jaywalking, pedestrian inattention, and distractions such as cell phones and failing to obey traffic laws and roadway safety. Numerous deaths have occurred in unlit areas and on busy multi-lane roadways outside residential areas.

San Jose is highly dependent on automobiles. Most residents drive to work, but as walking and bicycling have become more popular, the number of personal injuries continues to rise despite the implementation of bike lanes in the city. Public transit includes rail service, light rail streetcars, and trains operated by Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART). San Jose’s freeway system includes three interstate freeways as well as U.S. 101 and several state highways. A congested and populated area, San Jose is prone to accidents causing potentially life-changing injuries.

How Personal Injury Settlements Work

To obtain a settlement, you need a San Jose personal injury attorney by your side. Contact The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani as soon as possible after you’ve been injured in an accident. Any delay can put your case at risk. It can take time to build a case and establish a lawsuit; every day you wait risks missing the two-year deadline set by California’s statute of limitations. You have 24-months from the date of your accident to file suit; after that, a judge can throw out your case, even if another person or entity was negligent or otherwise at-fault for the accident.

But Jacob can act quickly to determine if the person or entity you claim caused your injury is at-fault, and their actions or negligence directly contributed to your hardship. Dealing with insurance companies is another talent of ours. Insurance adjusters go to all lengths to reduce or deny claims. Taking on an insurance company yourself is generally futile. Whatever you say may be manipulated in the company’s favor, but our San Jose personal injury law firm is experienced in handling these tactics and negotiating a fair settlement.

Types of Cases We Handle

The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani has experience with a wide range of personal injury cases, including the most common ones such as:

Determining whether another driver negligently operated a vehicle can be a challenge. Our car accident lawyers can establish liability, whether an accident was caused by a driver, defect in the vehicle, or problem with the roadway. Car accident injuries can be catastrophic and expensive. If excessive speed, failure to signal, an illegal turn, or inattention contributed to a crash, we’ll find out, and follow California’s comparative liability laws to ensure you recover maximum compensation even if you were partially at fault for the accident.

Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to accidents on San Jose’s congested roads, where aggressive drivers, construction, potholes, and other hazards are abundant. A lack of protection leaves victims susceptible to spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, loss of limbs, and road rash. The carelessness of other drivers puts motorcyclists at risk; left hand turns, lane changing, and failure of drivers to see a motorcycle approaching are factors a San Jose motorcycle accident attorney can look at in determining the cause of your accident.

A semi-truck can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds and is typically about 72 feet long, or many times the size of an average car. The size, weight, and momentum of a truck means a collision is likely to be severe and deadly. To make matters worse, there are persistent problems with overloaded trucks, DUIs, defective products, insufficient training, and driver fatigue. Rear-end collisions, rollovers, and jackknifed tractor trailers put motorists at serious risk. A lack of maintenance and mechanical failures contribute to truck accidents as well.

Throughout California and the nation, rideshare accidents are on the rise. If Uber or Lyft are responsible for your accident, our personal injury law firm in San Jose can get you compensated, whether you were hurt as a passenger or pedestrian. These rideshare companies hold their drivers to high standards, but complex policies can make it hard to file a claim. Both have a $1 million policy to cover passengers. However, insurance coverage is divided up into time periods; it only applies when a driver is logged into the ridesharing app during the accident; otherwise, the driver’s personal auto insurer must handle an accident claim.

Even a low speed impact with a car can seriously injure a bicyclist. About half of bicycle accidents with cars happen at intersections. A police report is the best piece of evidence to show you are not liable for the accident. Bicyclists don’t always have the right of way, which can affect your case if there’s a discrepancy in the evidence. According to California bicycle law, whoever arrives first at an intersection (car or bicycle) has the right of way, and city ordinances differ as to when bicyclists can use sidewalks. A personal injury attorney can help determine if an automobile driver is liable for your injuries.

Severe burns are life-changing; they can affect skin appearance, elasticity, hydration, and body temperature regulation. In the process, hair follicles and sweat glands are destroyed. While cooking accidents and electrical hazards are major causes of burns, automotive accidents involving fires can burn victims trapped in confined spaces with no escape route. A fire may be caused by a ruptured fuel tank, improper tank placement, or part defect. Similarly, defective products with flammable materials may cause injury if a manufacturing, design, or labeling issue is to blame.

Property owners have a duty to keep their premises safe. If someone is injured on site, the owner may be liable if their failure to maintain the property led to conditions that contributed to an accident. For example, slip and fall accidents may occur on slick surfaces, damaged stairs, or unkept pavement. They occur most often at parking lots, supermarkets, restaurants, shopping malls, and any building with poor lighting, torn carpeting, or wet floors. An attorney can help determine whether the property or business owner kept their premises reasonably safe or warned of a potentially dangerous condition.

A wrongful death case can be filed if an at-fault party’s actions or negligence directly contributed to a loved one’s demise. Whether death occurred immediately or sometime after the accident, our San Jose personal injury lawyer can gather the facts, file a lawsuit, and ensure you are compensated for your loss. A wrongful death claim is civil in nature, and separate from any potential criminal proceedings. Many such claims arise out of negligence associated with motor vehicle accidents or medical malpractice.

No matter what kind of case you have, we have the experience, knowledge, and power to take on the insurance companies. This has resulted in multi-million-dollar settlements for auto, truck, and motorcycle accident cases and a wide range of other personal injury claims.

Types of Compensation

Our San Jose personal injury law firm can fight for different types of compensation, which can be divided up into three general categories:

  • Compensatory Damages: Can compensate the victim for medical bills, pay missed due to time out of work, and pay for missed work in the future. Compensatory damages are those that can be quantified as a monetary amount. They include the cost of medical treatment, rehabilitation, prescription drugs, post-treatment care, increased living expenses, and replacement/repair of property. Compensation for funeral and burial expenses may also be included.
  • General Damages: Estimates of losses that don’t necessarily involve actual dollar amounts. The court can compensate you for mental anguish, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, disfigurement, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of opportunity. It’s more common for such damages to be awarded in medical malpractice lawsuits. Depending on one’s income level, it can be difficult to assess general damages, particularly if the plaintiff is more affluent.
  • Punitive Damages: Are not intended to compensate the claimant, but rather to punish the defendant for reckless and irresponsible behavior. A judge might award punitive damages if they wish to make an example of the defendant. Plaintiffs are often awarded a substantial percentage of these exemplary damages. Damages of this nature are rare in personal injury cases, although they’ve received attention in high-profile cases.

Contact the Law Offices of Jacob Emrani for Help

We have recovered millions of dollars for victims (and their loved ones) of car, truck, motorcycle, and slip and fall accidents as well as medical malpractice. Filing a lawsuit against an at-fault or negligent party requires the help of an expert personal injury attorney in San Jose. At The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani, our legal team is always on your side, focused on reaching a fair settlement that compensates for your medical costs, property damage, and pain and suffering. To schedule a free case evaluation at home or work, call us at 888-952-2952 or submit the details of your injury online.

From the time I retained

From the time I retained Jacob’s law firm they were informative and professional from doctor appointments to updates. I would reccomend Jacob’s law firm to friends and family.

Frances Rivera

nobody ever tells you how

nobody ever tells you how scary getting into an accident can be. thankfully I had the law office of Jacob emrani on my side! Denise and bamba took care of everything! Jacob and his team fought my own insurance because my accident was a hit and run. Jacob fought and fought and my insurance company paid and I’m getting a new car from my settlement! If you get injured, call jacob!

Manuel Jimenez

the best law firm in

the best law firm in Los Angeles!!! Maria Isabel Anaya was such a wonderful lawyer and helped me through the entire process. She was patient and very kind to me, and always answered the phone whenever i needed updates about my case. Jacob and his team for sure had my back every step of the way.

~Jordan S.

Jordan Slaffey

The team at this firm

The team at this firm is truly great. Maria Anaya my case worker, was one of the most helpful people I have ever dealt with. She was always answering my phone calls calling me back with any updates regarding my case and was always very compassionate and empathetic to my situation. The firm really works with you to get the best doctor for your injuries and fights for what you deserve. It’s definitely a 5 star review. This firm I would highly recommend to anyone if they are any car accidents that result in injuries.

Jordan S

In the past year, I

In the past year, I was involved in two personal injury accidents. Auto and Pedestrian. At first I went to different law firm and signed up. After couple weeks in, that law firm rushed me through the process , did nothing and took $7600 of my settlement money and want me to settled under six months. I didn’t follow through and found out Jacob Emrani law firm with more experiences. This firm helped me to settled with larger settlements. Jacob Emrani and his team support me every steps of the way. For those involved in personal injuries, please understand that you must have patience for best results and Jacob and his team is your go to firm. Small law firm can’t do what this team does. Average people without any knowledges of auto accident, insurance carriers, and/or medical experiences are too hastily assumed that everything happens with a snap of a finger or I want it now. Well, it doesn’t. Rome wasn’t built in a day and so as this process. Court case takes even longer. People with negative reviews is because they don’t understand the system and all they do is blames and complaint or fired the firm that working hard for them behind close doors. When you quit and go to another firm, all you do is waste more time, waste more of your settlement reward to another firm in fees and costs. ALl you have to do is be patience and Jacob team will takes care of you. These case managers handles couple of dozen of case everyday and all the time. These attorney work their butts off on the phone and in court fight for you to get each client the best settlement. One case are not with the same result to next case. So when people calls into the office all day long for status, demands for answer, or angry because not moving with the speed the person want does not mean case managers or attorneys ignoring you. Email them, fastest response time. They only moves as fast as insurance carriers, medicals providers, and hospitals. These insurance companies are not just going to cough up money to you just because you got hit. They need time to investigate, this process takes time, case managers only goes as fast as these people move, they fights against these adjusters for you to get the best settlement for your case. So, please be PATIENCE!!! and give them time to work on your case. DON”T QUIT. Don’t go to another firm just because you have no patience and all you do is throw your settlement money away to another attorney and your case literally start from scratch, more time waste. Jacob Emrani, his attorneys, case managers, and the all the staffs are a great team and with tremendous experiences. Put your trust in them and be patience. Final Results. $$$$$$$.

Danniel D.
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