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If you have been seriously injured in a car accident, you will need to speak with an experienced Los Angeles car accident lawyer who can fight to establish that another driver negligently operated a vehicle which caused the accident, or there was some defect involving your vehicle, or the road itself caused the accident. The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani has recovered substantial amounts of compensation in verdicts and settlements for clients who were seriously hurt in a car accident through no fault of their own. Car accidents can result in devastating injuries, causing you to miss work for a substantial length of time, not to mention the possibility of having your car totaled due to the accident. You should not have to worry about how your related expenses will be covered--a personal injury suit can hold the negligent party responsible and recover the financial damages you need to move forward with your life.

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An aggressive Los Angeles personal injury attorney from the firm can help with the following car accident matters:
  • After an accident
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist claims
  • Determining fault in a car accident
  • Common car accident questions
  • Car accident injuries
  • Common types of car accidents
  • Texting while driving - Texting while driving requires you to take your attention off the road almost completely. In fact, some experts have concluded that texting while driving is actually more dangerous than drunk driving.
  • Drunk driving accidents - Alcohol and driving do not mix. Unfortunately, far too many people still get behind the wheel even when they are completely intoxicated.
  • Defective roads -  Issues such as potholes, debris, and other road defects can easily cause serious accidents. In these accidents, it is often the state, county, or city that is at fault.
  • Multi-Vehicle accidents - Many serious accidents involve multiple vehicles. The most common type of multi-vehicle accident occurs when the vehicle directly behind an accident is unable to stop in time and has a collision as well.
  • Head-On Collisions - Head on collisions are one of the most dangerous types of accident. These collisions often occur when a driver is distracted, asleep, or intoxicated and drifts into the opposing lane.
  • Side-Impact Collisions - Side impact collisions are another very dangerous type of collision. They most often occur at intersections when a vehicle runs a stoplight/stop sign or pulls out too soon.
  • Rear-Impact Collision - One of the most common types of collisions is rear-impact collisions. While not as dangerous as some types of collisions, rear-impact collisions can still cause serious injuries such as whiplash.
  • Rollovers - Rollovers are common among top-heavy vehicles and can be very dangerous. Rollovers can be caused by driving off the road, impact from another vehicle, or serious road defects.
  • Uber/Lyft/Rideshare - Rideshare drivers are human just like everyone else. This means that the potential to be involved in a serious accident while riding in an Uber, Lyft, or other rideshare is certainly a concern.
There is often a lot involved in a car accident, sometimes requiring the analysis of an accident reconstruction expert who can determine such things as the dynamics of vehicle speed, visibility, force and angle of impact in relation to the injury, timing of traffic signals, condition of the road surface and highway design, which could include taking legal action against a local or state government or a construction company. We often need to enlist the client as a partner in the case, to help identify witnesses to the accident, to search out certain of your records, or to recruit family members or acquaintances to help testify to the harm that has resulted.

We Hold Negligent Parties Accountable

In certain instances, a defect in a defectively designed roadway could be the actual cause of the roadway accident. As with all accident claims, determining who is liable can be a lot of work. The mishap may have been caused by a tire blow out from a defective tire for example, or another defective part of a vehicle. Our Los Angeles injury attorneys have vast legal experience in finding all possible defendants, so as to increase the financial damages in your vehicular injury case.

What to do After a Car Accident

The minutes and hours following a serious car accident can be full of anxiety and shock. However, it's essential that you remain calm and keep your wits about you as best as you can. The very first thing you should do is call a police officer to file a report on the accident and exchange insurance and contact information with anyone else who was involved. When speaking with the officers on the scene and with other motorists who were involved, never admit or suggest that the accident was your fault. Next, document everything you can about the accident by taking pictures of the vehicles as well as any injuries you might have sustained. Try to keep a mental recollection of what happened before, during, and after the accident as well. Afterward, contact your insurer to inform them of the accident, but do not admit any fault or accept any damages until you have spoken with a Los Angeles car crash attorney.

What to do in the Days Following a Car Accident

If you have suffered any injuries due to your car accident, it's important that you contact a Los Angeles car accident lawyer as quickly as possible. Working with the best car accident lawyer will increase the chances that you are able to receive compensation for your injuries. In the days following your car accident, you'll also want to take notes about your injuries and the effect they are having on you such as pain or trouble sleeping. Details such as this will help your Los Angeles car crash lawyer as they build your case.

Mistakes People Make When Filing for Car Accident Claims

During our experience as car accident attorneys in Los Angeles, we've seen far too many people make serious mistakes when filing for car accident claims. These mistakes include admitting fault, not documenting the scene of the accident and/or their injuries, and not contacting a car accident attorney quickly enough. If you want to have the best possible case, all of these mistakes should be avoided.

How to Reduce the Risk of Being in an Auto Accident

As car accident lawyers in Los Angeles, we hope that you are able to avoid ever having to contact a car crash lawyer by avoiding auto accidents altogether. Some tips for avoiding car crashes as well as avoiding serious injury from an accident include:
  • Put Children in Car Safety Seats - Young children are too small to be adequately protected by seatbelts alone. Therefore, children should always be placed in a car safety seat to reduce the risk of injury during an accident.
  • Wear a Seatbelt - It's a simple reality that seatbelts save lives. At the end of the day, the inconvenience of wearing a seatbelt is incredibly minor compared to the protection that it offers.
  • Follow the Speed Limit - The faster you drive, the less time you have to react and the more serious your injuries will be if you crash. Always follow the speed limit and you'll greatly reduce your odds of being involved in a serious accident.
  • Don't Drink and Drive - No matter how well you think you are able to handle alcohol, never drink and drive. Even being just slightly over the legal limit greatly increases the chances that you will have an accident.
  • Watch for Pedestrians and Bicycles - Other vehicles are sometimes not the only thing to watch for on the road. Pedestrians and cyclists sharing the road can be much harder to spot, so be sure to always remain attentive.
  • Check for Car Recalls - You should always check from time to time to see if there has been a recall on your vehicle. Driving a vehicle that is defective can easily lead to a serious accident.

Types of Compensation for Car Accident Victims

If you have been involved in a serious accident, there are several types of compensation that you can receive. This includes:
  • Medical Costs - Being injured in a car accident can lead to expensive medical bills. Covering those medical bills is one type of compensation you may be eligible to receive.
  • Pain & Suffering - In addition to covering your medical costs, you may also be compensated for the pain and suffering that your injuries cause.
  • Loss of Income - If the injuries you suffer in a car accident prevent you from working for an extended period of time, you may receive compensation for your loss of income.
  • Property Damage - Damages to your vehicle as well as any property you might have had inside your vehicle may be covered as part of your compensation.
Even if the driver who hit you has too little or no insurance of their own, we can work with your insurance company to recover what you need. Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers will work their hardest to get you the highest level of compensation available in your car, truck, or motorcycle accident suit.

Car Accident & Insurance Claims in California

There are several important things you need to know about handling car accident and insurance claims in California, the first being common mistakes people make when handling these claims. These mistakes include:
  • Siding With the Insurance Company - Keep in mind that an insurance company's business model is predicated around paying as little as possible for your claim. While insurance companies can be helpful, it's important not to side with them completely and instead realize that you may be able to get much more than what they are offering.
  • Settling for too Little - It may be tempting to take the initial compensation that an insurance company offers without any pushback. In most cases, though, if you take an insurance company's initial offer you will be settling for too little.
  • Thinking the Claim Won't go to Trial - Anytime you are involved in a serious car accident, you should prepare as if your claim will go to trial by documenting everything that you can and contacting the best car accident lawyer that you can find. Many claims won't go to trial, but you'll want to be prepared in case yours does.

Recovering Damages in a Fault State

California is considered a fault or tort state, meaning that you must prove that the other person is at fault in order to recover damages from their insurance company. This is why it's so important to work with an experienced Los Angeles car crash attorney when seeking damages in the state of California.

What You Should Have Prepared if You Consider Hiring a Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer

Before hiring car accident lawyers in Los Angeles, you should consider having several pieces of information ready. This includes:
  • Information about where the accident occurred
  • Contact information and insurance information of anyone else who was involved in the accident
  • Photographs and documentation of the damages and your injuries, if you have them available
  • Information about your injuries and treatment such as medical records
  • The names of any witnesses that were present at the time of the accident
  • Any details you have about how the accident occurred
If you are ready to begin seeking the compensation that you deserve, we invite you to contact our offices today in order to speak with our experienced car accident attorneys in Los Angeles. We also handle a numerous truck and motorcycle wreck cases in the greater Los Angeles area and all across California. Our legal team is familiar with all the different rules and regulations as it pertains to the California law. Retaining our highly experienced Los Angeles car accident attorneys will give you a significant edge over the negligent defendant who caused your passenger vehicle, motorcycle or truck crash. As with other types of accidents, figuring out who or what for instance, in the case of defective tires is at fault. Our Los Angeles car accident attorneys understand the dynamics of car accidents, and we make sure our clients’ claims for injuries result in the highest level of compensation possible. When you need financial compensation after a serious recent car accident in Los Angeles, call (888) 952-2952 to begin your claim!