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Bicyclists have relatively little protection in the event they are struck by an automobile. The impact does not even need to be at high speeds for it to cause serious and life-threatening injuries to a bicyclist. If you or someone you know was recently injured in a bicycle accident, you need to take the proper steps to ensure their legal right to pursue financial compensation.

This begins with speaking to a highly-experienced Los Angeles bicycle accident attorney from the Law Offices of Jacob Emrani. Our firm has spent decades representing the best interests of injured client, and over the years we have successfully recovered millions of dollars on their behalf to cover their various needs while recovering. You deserve a strong advocate in your corner against insurance companies—our Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys & Orange County Personal Injury Attorneys know how to fight and win.

Most are aware of the devastating result of a collision between an automobile and a bicycle:

Nearly half of all bicycle accidents that include a car take place at intersections, and more than one in five bicyclist fatalities are children 5-15 years old.


If you are injured in a bicycle accident involving a car, the statutory period is two years. A judge has the right to bar your claim if it’s not filed within that time frame, so it’s important to work with a bike accident attorney from the start. Exceptions include being unable to file a claim, being mentally incompetent, or later discovered injuries stemming from the accident, but which you didn’t know about earlier. 

Bicycle accidents can be prevented by:

  • Riding in the same direction as other vehicles.
  • Avoiding phone calls, texting, headphones, or other distractions.
  • Using front and rear lights on a bicycle at night.
  • Wearing a brightly colored or reflective shirt/jacket.
  • Communicating with hand signals to other drivers.
  • Obeying traffic laws, including using bike lanes.

Police reports are the most accurate pieces of evidence you can use. They’re written up after bike accidents, and you can request a copy for our Los Angeles bicycle accident attorney to review. Contact the authorities even if you don’t feel injured. Symptoms may not appear for weeks or months; the more evidence you have, the more entitled to compensation you may be from your bicycle accident case.

Bicycle Accidents & The Law

Many Californians are unaware of exactly who has the right of way when it comes to motorists and bicyclists. The latter are in fact treated the same as automobiles in the eyes of the law; that is, while pedestrians always have the right of way, this does not apply to those on a bicycle. Thus when a bicyclist and a motorist approach an intersection, whoever arrived first has the right of way. Learn about some important bicycle laws in California.

Many bicyclists, believing themselves to be perpetually in the right, take part in dangerous behavior, resulting in serious injuries by way of an accident. In addition, bicyclists must be aware of city ordinances regarding when they may use the sidewalks.

At the same time, automobile drivers may be held responsible to your injuries as a bicyclist if they were operating their vehicle negligently in any way. Our aggressive Los Angeles personal injury attorney can work to recover a fair settlement with the driver’s insurance company.

The compensation recovered can pay your:

  • Medical and hospital bills
  • Prescription medication costs
  • Property damage
  • Lost pay from work
  • Emotional trauma

Common Bicycle Accident Causes

Bicycle Rider vs. Traffic: Bicycle riders are supposed to ride with the traffic — it’s the law. Riding the wrong way can make it hard for a Los Angeles bicycle accident attorney to get maximum compensation. Riding against the traffic causes about a quarter of all bicycle crashes, and can cause dangerous head-on collisions. It can also be hard to predict the movement of vehicles moving in a different direction. Maximize your safety by riding in the same direction as other vehicles; it can save your life.

Children Bicyclists: Children riding bicycles are at a greater risk of injury because they are smaller than adults, and therefore more prone to injuries caused by impacts and falls. This is something your lawyer will consider in a bicycle injury case. Also, they are less experienced and may not be able to maneuver their way out of danger. Injuries involving children are often serious and life-threatening.

Drunk Drivers: Driving while intoxicated is a very serious offense. It is also dangerous to other drivers and bicycle riders on the roads. Alcohol slows response time so, even if a driver sees a bicyclist, they may not be able to avoid a collision. It also impedes decision making so a driver might not react appropriately to others on the road. Carelessness and road rage can put bicyclists at serious risk.

Bicycle on Sidewalk: Bicyclists are usually restricted to streets or bike lanes. Nonetheless, bicycle riders often ride on sidewalks, which presents dangers such as motor vehicles crossing over the sidewalk when turning, bicyclists losing control due to imperfections in the concrete, or collisions with pedestrians.

Rideshare: Drivers of vehicles for rideshare companies have been known to be negligent and cause accidents. In such cases, a bicycle accident lawyer is useful because taking legal action against a rideshare company can be challenging.

Hit & Run Accident: Determining liability is a challenge if you don’t know who hit you. Bicycle accidents often occur when a car is making a turn, pulls into an intersection when there’s a stop sign or red light, or overtakes the bicycle. Crashes also happen when a bicyclist exists a private driveway, side street, or alley.

Road Defects: Potholes, large cracks, and uneven pavement pose a hazard to bicycle riders. If your bike accident was caused by defects in the road, our personal injury lawyers can help hold a municipality, local agency, or construction company liable. Riders must also take care in icy or other unsafe conditions.

Accidents without a Helmet: Wearing a helmet might not prevent an accident, but can save your life if your are in a crash. Helmets are usually required by law. They serve as a buffer to impacts that can cause major head injuries, including lacerations, skull fractures, and brain damage that can be life-threatening or leave you with serious impairments.

After a Bicycle Accident: Protecting Your Rights

In the aftermath of a bicycle accident, call the police right away and report to them what happened, followed by obtaining a copy of their report. You will need to then get a hold of any witnesses’ information, along with that of the driver which injured you. After you obtain medical treatment, be sure to retain copies of any treatment you received and receipts for any medication. Document your injuries and record your account of the accident as soon as you can. Importantly, do not talk to an insurance adjuster until you have spoken with an injury attorney.

You can trust the our Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys to petition for your right to recover the compensation you need after being injured in a bicycle accident. If the insurance company is unwilling to offer you the compensation you deserve, our Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyers are unafraid of taking your claim to court.

Put your case in the hands of a seasoned professional. We’ve won before; we can win again.

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