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There are many hazards on the road that can make enjoying a motorcycle ride extremely dangerous. In California, the aggressive drivers, congested roads, road construction and other conditions such as potholes all may contribute to a more challenging motorcycle ride through the streets of LA and Southern California.  In 2014 in fact, fatalities stemming from motorcycle accidents rose relative to the year previous from 54 to 60 per 100,000 motorcycle registrations.

Motorcycle accidents, unfortunately, often cause particular types of substantial injuries that our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers are trained to study, evaluate, and find the best treatment for. If you were seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in Los Angeles, it is essential that you contact Law Offices Of Jacob Emrani right away so that you can preserve your rights to recover financial damages. Our firm is highly-trained in how to recover maximum compensation for the injured, and we have been widely-recognized for our victories in this effort.

The peculiar dynamics of being struck or thrown from a motorcycle can cause:

  • Crush injuries to the legs, hips or hands
  • Spinal injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Internal bleeding
  • Road rash

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If you were involved in a motorcycle crash it is very important that you contact the Law Offices of Jacob Emrani. Our Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys can fight to help you settle your motorcycle personal injury lawsuit and recover what you deserve. Getting in a motorcycle accident can be a life-changing ordeal. Our motorcycle injury lawyers are ready to help you in making an already painful situation that much easier, getting the necessary medical care and compensation you deserve. We have a thorough understanding of your legal rights and can help you with every step of your claim until you obtain the financial damages you need to move forward with your life.

As it happens, the majority of motorcycle accidents that take place in Los Angeles are caused by a passenger vehicle or some type of road defect.  Motorists can strike motorcyclists when they fail to notice them or violate their right of way.  Motorcycle accidents can also stem from motorists who are unaware of the practice of motorcyclists in California to take part in what is known as lane splitting, by which a motorcyclist can use the same lane as other automobiles.  This can confuse drivers, causing them to react dangerously.

Let a Highly-Trained Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles Bring You Justice

We can promise you that we will do everything we can to settle your personal injury suit as quickly as possible. Motorcyclists are among the most vulnerable every time they hit the road. While being among the safest drivers out there, motorcyclists frequently find themselves at the mercy of negligent drivers who abruptly change lanes, pull out in front of them, or otherwise simply don’t respect a motorcyclist’s right to be on the road. Unfortunately, so long as biker’s fail to be noticed by other drivers, motorcycle wrecks will likely continue causing the most grievous and heart-breaking consequences for their victims, including the families.

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