Jacob’s Journal – Weekly News Rewind (05/30-06/05)

Unicycle Rider Dies After Collision With Recycling Truck, California Police Say

Thursday, June 2 – The Sacramento Bee reports a tragic accident involving a collision of a unicycle rider with a recycling truck. A male unicycle rider was said to have been riding on Octavia Boulevard in San Francisco during the early morning of Wednesday, June 1, when he collided with the back of the recycling truck. According to police reports, this crash was fatal, and unfortunately, the rider passed away at the crash scene. 

1 Person Dead, 1 Injured After Crash in Orangevale

Tuesday, May 31 (ABC 10 Sacramento) – A devastating car crash took place on Hazel Avenue in Orangevale that took one person’s life and caused minor injuries to another. Though the accident details are not yet known, Sacramento residents grieve the loss of this tragedy. Law enforcement and the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District will continue to investigate this accident.

Mask Rules Are Suddenly Back In California As Coronavirus Hits Danger Zone

Friday, June 3 (LA Times)- With the coronavirus on the rise in California, Los Angeles County officials are again considering placing a mask mandate for indoor facilities. Despite a decline in COVID-19 cases throughout the spring months, 13 Californian counties are placed under a high COVID-19 risk by the CDC. Alameda County has set a mask mandate effective Friday, June 3, for all indoor businesses and offices. 

Los Angeles County has also seen a spike in positive COVID-19 hospitalizations that increased by 18% since last week. With the summer months just around the corner, county and health officials have expressed concerns about the potential stresses on the healthcare system. L.A. County may be next in line for an indoor mask mandate.

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