This Week In The News (07/01-07/05)

Woman Killed, Daughter Injured When Car Crashes Into Their South LA Apartment

Wednesday, July 3 (NBC Los Angeles) – Nicole Marks, 43, was killed and her 4-year-old daughter was injured early Wednesday when a Lincoln sedan crashed into their South Los Angeles apartment. The accident occurred at the 8700 block of South Main Street, where a wall of the building was pushed into the bedroom where the woman and child were sleeping. Two occupants of the sedan were also injured. According to a witness, the car was traveling at a high rate of speed prior to the crash.

Train Cars Derail, Hit Building in National City

Monday, July 1 (9News) – At about 2 a.m. Monday, a northbound freight train derailed near Naval Base San Diego in National City. There were no reported injuries, but a commercial building and several vehicles were damaged; several trees fell onto unoccupied vehicles as well. The derailment occurred just west of Interstate 5 and involved at least eight cars, which had no cargo at the time. The National Transportation Safety Board will investigate the derailment.

Dockless Scooter Regulations Take Effect In San Diego

Monday, July 1 (KPBS) – On Monday, regulations in San Diego went into effect for dockless scooters and bicycles. The regulations require companies like Bird and Lime to obtain a six-month operational permit. They must also pay about $5,000 for the permit and $150 per scooter or bike per year operated within the city. Companies must also disclose the size of their fleets and are permitted to increase fleet sizes for large events, but with restrictions and fees. Regulations will also limit scooter speeds in specific areas.

Electric Scooters Are Igniting New Laws, Liability Concerns and Even “Scooter Rage”

Tuesday, July 2 (CBS News) – Pedestrians, cars, and strollers are increasingly having close calls with electric scooters in U.S. cities. Consumer Reports announced that, since the fall of 2017, eight people have died using rented e-scooters and another 1,500 were injured. Many cities have enforced new regulations on e-scooters, such as Washington D.C.’s proposal to ban their use at night, while residents of Portland, Oregon, have been dumping them into the Willamette River, demonstrating “scooter rage”. Liability concerns have emerged as rental agreements from Bird and Lime relieve the companies of liability, while auto insurance policies won’t cover scooter accidents.

California Ammo Law Goes Into Effect

Tuesday, July 2 (KOLO) – California residents must now pass a background check when they buy ammunition. The new law went into effect July 1; it was passed by voters in 2016 as Proposition 63. California is the first state to require such background checks. Sharen Oren, a local gun shop owner in Nevada, has seen in increase in Californians crossing the state border to purchase ammunition. He stated that he does not believe the new law will keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

Gas Tax Increase Goes Into Effect in California

Monday, July 1 (ABC 7 News San Francisco) – California introduced a gas tax on Monday that increases gas prices by 6 cents per gallon. Based on the current average cost of gas, fees and taxes account for 57 cents for every gallon, which is more than any other state. The state expects the tax to bring in about $5 billion annually, which it plans to use to pay for mass transit programs and repairs. California was recently given a “D” grade for road conditions by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Angels Pitcher Tyler Skaggs Dies, Game vs. Rangers Postponed

Tuesday, July 2 (USA Today) – Tyler Skaggs, the 27-year-old left-handed pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels, died at the team hotel in Southlake, Texas, on Monday afternoon. According to police, no foul play is suspected, but the investigation remains ongoing. A 911 call was received at 2:18 p.m., just hours before a four-game series was to begin between the Angels and Rangers. Skaggs is the second active Angels starting pitcher to pass away during the season in the past decade, following the death of 22-year-old Nick Adenhart by a drunk driver in 2009.

President Trump Says He May Take Action On Homeless Problem In LA, San Francisco

Tuesday, July 2 (CBS Los Angeles) – President Donald Trump addressed the homeless problem in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, citing factors such as two LAPD offers contracting a staph infection from a homeless person last May and a police station that was closed due to a bed bug infestation. At the Central Division station, a germ-zapping robot was recently unveiled to protect officers. Los Angeles Mayer Eric Garcetti stated in a Tuesday interview with KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO he was encouraged by the president’s remarks.