7 Types of Claims a Property Damage Attorney Can Take On

7 Types of Claims a Property Damage Attorney Can Take On

A property damage attorney can take on a wide range of claims. Your personal injury attorney may be able to help, especially if an injury occurred due to an at-fault party’s negligence. Property damage is one of the leading types of damages, on top of medical expenses, lost income, legal fees, and pain and suffering, that can be considered during a personal injury lawsuit.

Damage to a vehicle, home, or personal belongings can be costly to fix. By determining the current market value of your damaged property, an attorney can value your claim and build a case to fight for maximum compensation. The following types of claims may come into play:

1. Damage to a Vehicle

Car accidents aren’t only notorious for causing serious injuries. They can also cause extreme damage to or destroy your vehicle. The at-fault driver’s auto insurance policy should cover the cost of repairing or replacing it, up to the policy’s limits. But if repair costs exceed the policy’s limits or the insurance company presents a lowball offer or doesn’t cooperate, a property damage attorney can fight for fair compensation.

2. Property Damage from a Vehicular Crash

Property losses due to negligent drivers are more common than you might think. Whether a collision on a street or an out-of-control driver causes a vehicle to stray onto your property, the damage can be extensive. It can range from a car colliding with a fence to a vehicle crushing a shed or crashing through a wall in your home. The resulting expenses are unexpected and often extremely high, especially if structural damage, a fire, or an injury or death are involved.

3. Trespasser-Related Damage

If someone breaks through a door or window and steals your belongings, your home insurance policy should cover the cost of repairs and replacing stolen property. The insurance company should also cover the cost of cleaning up if someone vandalizes the outside of your home. For example, if you find graffiti on the side of your house, the insurer will likely pay to clean and repaint the wall. If not, your property damage attorney can help get them to pay up.

4. Water/Flood Damage

When it rains in California, flood damage claims rise dramatically. Standard home insurance policies often don’t cover flood damage, but the terms of a policy can be ambiguous. Your attorney can determine if your insurance should cover the cost of repairs, replacement of materials and valuables, cleanup, or water damage/mold remediation. Coverage may depend on the source of the water. Damage due to a burst pipe, rainwater entry from a faulty roof repair, or a malfunctioning appliance may be covered.

5. Tree Damage

A tree can damage a garage, crush a car, crash through a roof, or cause a structural collapse. If a neighbor’s tree topples in a storm, or even during calm weather, their insurance may be liable to compensate you for repairs. You can sue if a lack of care or failure to remove a dying tree contributed to your situation. The property owner is responsible for the upkeep of trees on the property; you can sue them directly if the neighbor is a tenant.

6. Wind Damage

When wind speeds reach 50 to 60 miles per hour or higher, tree and roof damage can occur. Homeowner’s insurance policies usually cover wind damage. You can file a claim with the help of a property damage attorney if the insurance company says your roof doesn’t qualify for coverage (claiming it’s too old, doesn’t need a full replacement, or you failed to properly maintain it). A legal professional can also help if the damage was, in part, caused by a neighbor’s falling tree or a shoddy roof repair or installation.

7. Earthquake Damage

Whether you can file an earthquake claim depends on the circumstances. You may qualify for compensation for expenses and losses related to fires, burst pipes, water damage remediation, roof repair, furniture replacement, and damaged valuables such as artwork. Insurance can also cover the cost of moving or finding temporary housing. A property damage attorney can ensure your claim is properly filed, your home/belongings are fairly valued, and that you’re compensated as much as possible.

Why You Need a Property Damage Attorney

If you’ve sustained property damage, your homeowner’s insurance may cover debris removal, repairs, and living expenses. It can also compensate you for water or fire damage. Insurance policies often have hidden coverage and terms, while insurance companies don’t always make fair offers; many times, they lowball or deny claims that should result in maximum compensation. That’s why you need a property damage attorney

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