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Victorville is located in southwest San Bernardino County, at the southwestern edge of the Mojave Desert. Home to nearly 122,000 residents, the city has a desert-like climate with four distinct seasons. The Route 66 Museum and Veteran’s Memoria are located in Old Town Victorville. Spring Valley Lake is located within the city’s boundaries, as are the Victorville Film Center and the Southern California Logistics Airport.

The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani serves local residents as the preferred Victorville personal injury attorney. California’s High Desert region is known for a high incidence of serious car crashes. According to the California Highway Patrol, there were 327 injuries and 8 deaths due to traffic accidents in 2013. In 2015, there were 10 fatalities (5 involving intoxicated individuals), while there were just 2 car and road traffic related fatalities in 2017. Broadside collisions, head-on collisions, and rollover crashes remain the most common types of accidents that occur in and around the Victorville area.

Common Accidents in Victorville, CA

The risk of car accidents is high for many reasons. Your Victorville car accident attorney may determine the other driver, or another party, was at-fault due to:

  • Ignoring local traffic rules including speed limits, on rural roads where long commutes are common.

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, which is dangerous and against the law.

  • Texting while driving, or otherwise operating a vehicle while distracted and not paying attention to the road.

  • Exceeding the speed limit, especially in high-traffic areas such as Interstate 15 or Route 66.

  • Teen drivers who are inexperienced and more likely to engage in reckless behavior.

  • Poor road conditions, including variable speed limits, a lack of medians, and east-west roads where drivers may be occasionally blinded at sunrise and sunset.

Truck accidents affect Victorville’s roads as well. Drivers often travel long distances from their origin point to their destination, passing through the area on their way. They may not see other motorists while merging or changing lanes, as large blind spots (or “No Zones”) make smaller sedans and SUVs hard to see. Aside from the interstate, Highway 62 and Highway 138 are areas considered dangerous for motorists. Driver fatigue, driving under the influence, distracted driving, and lack of maintenance or defective components are contributing factors to truck accidents that put truckers and motorists in danger.

A truck accident attorney in Victorville can help investigate the cause of an accident, determine who was at fault, and work on achieving a settlement that compensates you for physical, emotional, property, and other damages suffered as a result.

Other Accidents We Can Help With

The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani is experienced with many different types of accidents and personal injury cases. Any of these can leave you hurt, unable to work, or provide for your family let alone pay for daily essentials. Our personal injury lawyer in Victorville can represent you in cases such as:

Bicycle Accidents: Bicyclists are often injured by inattentive motorists, especially those who make left turns at intersections. Helmet use is critical to reducing the risk of head injuries.

Bus Accidents: There is the potential for many passengers, who may not have seat belts, and other motorists driving much smaller vehicles, to be injured.

Defective Products: A single malfunction or manufacturer’s defect can lead to a serious injury, while a manufacturer can also be held liable for a missing/misleading safety label.

Dog Bites & Animal Attacks: Can cause severe physical and emotional injuries a pet owner may be liable for, depending on the circumstances of the attack and their knowledge of the animal’s tendencies.

Motorcycle Accidents: A lack of protection puts motorcyclists at an especially high risk of severe injuries; helmets and other protection impacts the risk as well.

Electric Scooter Accidents: Sidewalk riding, proximity to traffic, and scooter defects put riders at risk; failure to follow safety guidelines is a growing problem on city streets.

Medical Malpractice: Misdiagnoses, failure to diagnose, surgical mistakes, negligence, and abuse are problems in the medical sector that put patients at risk.

Pedestrian Accidents: Inattentive or intoxicated drivers are factors, but pedestrians must be alert as well, and avoid putting themselves in danger by crossing at designated locations & being visible to motorists.

Premises Liability: A slip and fall injury at a neighbor’s house, store, school, or business, or a construction accident, can be the focus of a premises liability case.

Rideshare Accidents: Lawsuits against rideshare companies are notoriously difficult, and the company’s and rideshare driver’s insurance policies often influence the progress of a case.

Truck Accidents: Tractor trailers are particularly dangerous to motorists, given their size and weight, and factors such as blind spots, negligence, and driver fatigue.

Workers Compensation: Employers are often liable for injuries sustained in any workplace; workers may be eligible for state and other compensatory programs our Victorville personal injury attorney is familiar with.

We are also experienced in working with a range of injury cases, including:

  • Paralysis

  • Internal Bleeding

  • Road Rash

  • Scars

  • Whiplash

How to Proceed After an Accident

After any accident, assess your injury, call 911 if necessary, and document as much as possible about the scene and conditions. Whether you are hurt or not, make sure to get medical attention, and then contact your insurance company as soon as you can.

If you have been involved in a car accident:

  • Move your vehicle to a safe location, if you can.

  • Check if you, an occupant, or anyone else is injured.

  • Call the local police department and, if necessary, for medical help.

  • Collect information from the other driver and document the scene.

  • Contact your insurer and attorney.

Why Choose The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani?

We are a qualified team of highly rated car accident attorneys in Victorville, with more than 20 years of legal experience. Successful verdicts have awarded past clients millions of dollars in damages. We can help you too, and operate on a contingency fee basis so you owe nothing unless your case wins.

To get started, we can discuss your case in person or at your home or office; our Victorville injury attorneys proceed quickly to establish a successful lawsuit and avoid any conflicts with statutes of limitations.

The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani serves Victorville and all of California—call us directly at 888-952-2952 or online to set up a free case evaluation.

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