How Coronavirus (COVID-19) Will Impact Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

Clients with pending personal injury lawsuits are expressing concern with how the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak will affect their case. Our law office continues to process claims. It may be hard to focus on your case during the pandemic, but getting a fair settlement depends on it. However, with SARS-2 CoV spreading exponentially throughout the U.S. and the world, your case may be affected by:

  • Increased Pressure to Settle: Financial uncertainty may lead you to consider the defendant’s most recent settlement offer. Nonetheless, finding another means of financial support now may pay off later. You’re much more likely to get what your case is worth.
  • The Defendant’s Financial Situation: In uncertain times, you may deal with complicating factors such as defendants filing for bankruptcy or going out of business. These can impact the course of your lawsuit and how your lawyer goes about obtaining a settlement.
  • Delays in Non-Critical Health Care: Hospitals and health care providers are prioritizing patients infected with coronavirus. High volumes mean routine services, physical therapy, or follow-up appointments to check on slip and fall or car accident-related injuries aren’t available.
  • Extensive Medical Treatment Not Available: For a personal injury lawyer to fully valuate your case, you must receive the appropriate medical treatment. This includes all doctor-recommended treatments, plus examinations to determine whether you’ve reached maximum medical improvement. Unfortunately, accident victims are not seeking treatment in fear of the virus.
  • Non-Payment of Insurance Premiums: Financial difficulties and a potentially looming recession might mean people stop paying their insurance premiums. If, for example, a driver is responsible for your auto accident, their lack of coverage can mean there’s no money to recover from them.

Are Insurance Companies Still Paying Personal Injury Claims During the Pandemic?

Insurance companies are required by law to continue paying claims. The California Department of Insurance has sent out an official notice (by California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara), stating all insurers must investigate, process, and pay claims promptly, in accordance with the California Insurance Code, even as the COVID-19 crisis is ongoing. Auto, health, homeowners, renters, life, and other insurance companies must abide by the law.

Insurance Companies Fighting for Settlement

Anticipating declining profits, an insurance company may put up a stronger fight. An experienced personal injury lawyer fights for your rights and can put more pressure on the company. Adjusters may use stronger tactics to obtain statements they can use against you to reduce your payout. Follow your attorney’s guidance in dealing with adjusters, if you speak to them at all, to improve your chances of a favorable outcome.

Courthouse Schedules and Delays

Civil courts in every state are reducing hours, limiting interactions, or closing entirely during the crisis. Even if your local court is currently open, its status can suddenly change. This means scheduled hearings or conferences can be unexpectedly delayed until further notice. Just about any procedural step in the trial process can be affected, potentially causing delays in your case.

Why You Should Not Delay Your Case

Courthouse closings are just roadblocks; you should not delay your case. If you’ve suffered a recent workplace injury or other accident, don’t wait to call us. Waiting for the crisis to pass won’t help unless you’re not well enough to pursue your claim (if so, call us as soon as possible). If you don’t hire a lawyer now, you risk reducing your case value, as does waiting to start crucial medical treatment for a serious injury.

Contact Jacob Emrani, We Handle Your Case Remotely

The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani is open for business. We are currently processing all claims and will remotely handle your case to ensure you are safe. Our team can handle the entire case evaluation process electronically, and we’re available by phone to gladly answer all your questions. If you’ve been injured in an auto, pedestrian, medical, defective product, or work-related accident during the COVID-19 outbreak, don’t wait. Contact us online for a free estimate or call our office directly at 888-952-2952.