How to Avoid a DUI on Valentine’s Day

Where do broken hearts go? Sometimes to the nearest watering hole, unfortunately. It is no mystery that drunk driving incidents dramatically increase during a holiday. Emotions are high, and people are either drinking to celebrate or consuming to forget. 


Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s celebrations all see a spike in DUIs. Even Independence Day and Super Bowl see their fair share of alcohol-related car accidents. But what about other holidays like Valentine’s Day?

While Valentine’s Day does have a lower drunk driving threshold than other more party-centric holidays, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t revelers on the roads. From love-drunk couples drinking and eating, to the ‘tears in beers’ crowd, there seem to be more reasons to remain cautious when cupid’s holiday is in full swing. 

How To Avoid Valentine’s Day Drunk Driving Accidents

Obviously you can’t protect yourself against the unknown, but you can be responsible for your own behavior, and the choices of whomever you’re enjoying your evening with. Here are some tips for keeping yourself, and those closest to you, safe this Valentine’s Day. 

  • Hire a Driver – Hiring a private driver is not only a great solution to avoid potentially driving drunk or buzzed, but it can also earn you extra points with your date. Private car service is definitely a luxury, but may be more affordable than you think. With the rise of rideshare companies, private SUV, black and limo services have had to drop their prices to compete. It’s worth calling around and seeing if it falls in line with your V-Day budget. 
  • Rideshare for Safety – This is probably the most affordable and convenient option if you want to drink and not worry about how you’ll get home safely. Rideshare companies like Lyft and Uber are just a swipe and a click away in most parts of the country. One thing to consider and keep an eye out for is impaired Uber drivers. No need for alarm, but it would be irresponsible not to forewarn you. Unlike hired drivers from private black car companies, Uber drivers are contracted labor. There is a much more relaxed set of guidelines when it comes to rideshare drivers. It is a very ‘ride at your own risk’ scenario. While most rides are absolutely safe, you can read up on what to do in the event you believe your Uber driver is impaired
  • Stay at a Nearby Hotel – Staying at a hotel that is closer to the action or near your chosen destination for the night is a great solution. Not only do you get to enjoy the luxury of a hotel room for the evening, but there is no need to commute after dinner, drinks, and dancing. While this may not be within everyone’s budget, if you shop around and plan your dinner and nightcap within walking distance to a great room rate, then it may be easier than you think.  
  • Plan a Romantic Night at Home – No one should diminish how great staying in on Valentine’s Day is. Planning a romantic night at home with a candlelight dinner, some good music and a nice bottle of wine is truly the safest bet if you plan to drink on Valentine’s Day. This helps you avoid drinking and driving, and also helps you avoid being on the road with other drink drivers. Win-win! 
  • Choose an Alternate Valentine’s Day – Who said you had to celebrate love right on Valentine’s Day? It’s your life, so make your own rules. Planning a romantic date on a night where bars and restaurants are less crowded will lessen your chances of being negatively ensnared in other people’s poor choices. But just because it isn’t a busy night on the roads, doesn’t mean it is an ideal time to drive after having a few cocktails. No matter what, if you do plan on drinking, arrange for alternate transportation. 
  • Abstinence is Foolproof – Not everyone drinks or feels the need to. That’s why abstinence is a foolproof way to avoid the concept altogether. If you’re going out with friends, or a special someone, offer to be the designated driver. Not only will your date appreciate the selfless act of responsibility, but you’ll be able to remember all of those tender moments clearly, as they were intended. 

If you feel like your Uber driver is drunk, impaired or intoxicated, it is important you seek the help of a professional Uber Accident Attorney. The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani specialize in Uber related litigation. We know how to get you the compensation you deserve. 

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