What Damages Can You Recover After an Eye Injury?


An eye injury is often severe and can involve permanent loss of vision or blindness. Depending on the type of accident and injury, it can require extensive treatment, including surgery. If you’ve recently suffered an eye injury, you might be wondering what types of damages you may be entitled to by law; some examples include negligence, physical assault, and pain and suffering. Economic and non-economic damages may be in play, which we will discuss below to help you understand the compensation you may be able to recover.

Common Causes of Eye Injuries

The facts of your eye injury case revolve around the type of accident. Here are some of the most common causes of eye injuries an eye injury lawyer encounters:

Medical Bills

Compensation for medical bills represents damages often sought for eye injuries. Victims may seek medical treatment for blindness, partial loss of vision, double vision, vertigo and other balance problems, and a variety of other related symptoms. Numerous medical expenses may be covered. These include trips to the ophthalmologist, hospital stays, surgery, and ongoing treatment and rehabilitation. If you need special glasses or other visual aids, a cane, or guide dog, you may be compensated for these costs as well.

The type of injury can also affect your case. Whether you suffered an orbital fracture, detached retina, dislocated lens, blood vessel damage, entry of a foreign object, or an optic nerve injury can impact the types of damages you’re entitled to.

Pain and Suffering

If physical pain and suffering are severe enough to reduce quality and enjoyment of life, you can recover damages for these effects. Compensation for emotional distress may be possible if the accident and its outcome have affected your mental health. Whether physical or mental, pain and suffering compensation includes not only the effects a victim has suffered to date, but effects they’re likely to deal with in the future. Compensation here is different than economic damages in that there’s no specific chart or guideline to follow; rather, a fair and reasonable figure is considered by a personal injury lawyer, judge, or jury.

Lost Income

Accident victims who have lost income due to their injury can be eligible for damages, especially if a loss of vision prevents them from performing work duties. In some cases, individuals must give up their careers after such an accident. You may be entitled to lost wages or loss of future income. To receive such compensation, your claim must prove that if it were not for the injury, you’d still be capable of doing your job and would be earning the income you’re no longer receiving. Compensation for property damage under this principle may be applicable as well.

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