Steps to Take as a Pedestrian After an Uber Accident

Being hit by a car is a traumatic experience. The outcome can range from nasty bumps and bruises to broken bones, to life-changing limb and head injuries. If you’re hit by an Uber vehicle, the company’s complex business model doesn’t help any. It’s often difficult to determine who to place the blame on, which is why you need an Uber accident attorney.

assisting bicycle accident victim on scene

But retaining an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney is just part of the process. If you are like one of 129,000 people treated after being hit by a car in 2015, or a loved one was one of 5,987 killed in 2016 (according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), you must act quickly to ensure your rights are protected.

When you’ve been hit, here is how you should proceed:

Remain Calm

If you panic, there’s a risk of further injury. Collect yourself; you don’t want to get into a fit of rage and lash out at the driver. Chances are he or she didn’t see you. If you’re able, take a deep breath and move out of the street.

Talk to the Driver

Whatever you do, don’t shrug off the accident and let the driver leave the scene. If they’re not already attentive, ask them politely to stay until the police arrive. In case of a hit and run, note the car’s make and color, or take a mental note or photo of the license plate if possible.

Wait for the Police

Even if you’re ambulatory after being hit, call the police. The longer you wait, the less likely an officer will address your situation and file an accident report. Full documentation of the incident is necessary for filing a case and getting the compensation you deserve.

Get the Driver’s Information

Write down their driver’s license, license plate number, insurance information, and any other pertinent details. Also take notes, or photos if you can, of the car, scene, and the surroundings. They could reveal important evidence in your lawsuit or insurance claim. Also, get information from any witnesses or bystanders.

Seek Medical Attention

As stated earlier, you might not know you’re seriously injured. Symptoms of broken bones, internal bleeding, and other serious problems might not manifest until later. Immediate treatment is critical in improving the odds of a full recovery. Plus, documentation of medical treatments and costs will help you in filing a claim.

Start the Claims Process

This is often the challenging part because Uber’s drivers are independent contractors, not employees. You might be left dealing with the driver’s insurance company. Uber will only take responsibility in one of three scenarios: when the driver’s app is on but no passengers are onboard, the app is on and the driver is heading to pick someone up, or a passenger is in the car.

When it comes to Uber’s insurance policy, determining fault and damage responsibility depends on several factors. The pedestrian’s actions leading to the accident will be examined. The driver’s history may also be considered, as well as the means in which Uber hired them.

Hire a Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Los Angeles

Since the legal situation can be so complex, it’s important to have an Uber or Lyft accident attorney if you’re hit by a rideshare driver. An attorney can gather all the facts and negotiate with the insurance company, while fighting for your rights every step of the way. Call The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani at 888-952-2952 to get started on your case right away.