What Are Nominal Damages?

What Are Nominal Damages? In a civil case, damages refer to the monetary compensation to the plaintiff by the other party, which has been found to have breached a duty or violated a right recognized by the law. Common forms include compensatory damages, which compensate for loss or injury, and punitive damages intended

Defining Criminal Negligence

Defining Criminal Negligence Negligence is a common legal term. There are key differences between civil negligence and criminal negligence. In the civil sense, damage or injuries resulting from someone else’s negligence are unintentional, although they owed a legal duty to protect that individual. Criminal negligence is also a failure to use reasonable care

What Qualifies as Gross Negligence?

What Qualifies as Gross Negligence? Two common terms in personal injury claims are “ordinary negligence” and “gross negligence”. In general, negligence is a lack of care and caution someone would use in circumstances similar to those surrounding an accident. A mistake or lack of attentiveness constitutes ordinary negligence. However, gross negligence refers

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