CA Looks to Permit Lane Splitting by Bikers

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In September, the California state assembly signed off unanimously on legislation drafted by Bill Quirk of Hayward that would formalize the practice of lane splitting by motorcyclists. Quirk remarked that the bill would help with decreasing traffic congestion on state highways and encourage safe driving. The practice of lane splitting, by which motorcyclists pass by other vehicles by riding along the lane divider, has never been officially declared legal or illegal, but has remained a gray area for many years.

Quirk’s bill, known as AB 51, regulates lane splitting by permitting it only if a motorcycle is traveling no faster than 15 miles per hour relative to the traffic around it and never at speeds exceeding 50 miles per hour. While some groups are displeased by the language and others disapprove of lane splitting altogether, the bill looks to be signed by Governor Brown soon.

You can read more regarding AB 51 here.

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