What Is California’s Wrongful Death Statute of Limitation?

A wrongful death lawsuit enables you to take legal action against a person or entity at fault for the loss of a loved one, whether through negligence, an intentional act, or medical malpractice. However, there is a statute of limitation that restricts the amount of time you have to file such a lawsuit in California.

How Does a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Work?

It’s similar to a personal injury lawsuit in that damages are expressed in terms of financial compensation. The deceased’s survivors, if the lawsuit is won, receive payment. But unlike a homicide or other criminal case, a wrongful death claim does not impose jail time or probation on the defendant.

A wrongful death lawsuit is filed in a state civil court by a surviving spouse or domestic partner, child, or grandchild. In California, anyone who can prove they were financially dependent on the deceased can bring a lawsuit. This includes a “putative spouse”, or someone who faithfully (although mistakenly) believed they were in a lawful marriage, children of the decedent’s putative spouse, stepchildren or parents of the deceased, or legal guardians of the decedent.

If a minor child received at least 50% of their financial support from the deceased, they or a personal representative can bring a lawsuit.

What Is the Wrongful Death Statute of Limitation?

Generally, you have two years from the date of the decedent’s death to bring a wrongful death claim. If the cause of death was a car accident, family members of a deceased victim can file a lawsuit up to two years from the date of the accident. But the statute of limitations doesn’t start until the victim has died. For example, if a car accident results in a coma, the clock doesn’t start on the date of the accident, but rather the date of the victim’s passing.

Wrongful Death Guide

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Exceptions to the Rule

Exceptions to the two-year rule include:

  • A statute of limitation of three years, from the date of death, applies in medical malpractice cases.
  • A six-month statute of limitation applies if a government entity or party is involved; this applies to accidents at public schools, with government-owned vehicles, or malpractice suits involving publicly run medical facilities.

Another exception applies if a minor sues for the wrongful death of a parent. Rather than two years from the cause of death, such as a work-related accident, they have two years from the day they turn 18 years old. For example, a minor who is 12 when a parent dies can file legal action up until they are 20 years of age.

Otherwise, the two-year statute of limitations applies to cases such as car accidents, pedestrian deaths, drownings, elder abuse/neglect, child abuse/neglect, as well as assault and battery or murder or manslaughter cases.

What If I Miss the Statute of Limitations Deadline?

If you fail to file a lawsuit in time with a state civil court, you’ll most likely lose your right to sue the at-fault entity or party. That is, unless your case falls under one of the exceptions. To improve your chances of a successful claim, it’s best to work with a personal injury lawyer who is familiar with the most current state laws.

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