Safe Driving Resolutions for Your 2018

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Before we get any further into 2018, you should consider how you might be a better driver this year. If you live and work anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area, you likely spend considerable time on the road, along with countless thousands of other commuters.

You may have already made some resolutions for the new year, but here are some additional ones to work towards in an effort to keep yourself and other motorists safe.

Saying NO to Drinking and Driving

In short, there is no reason anyone should be driving while buzzed, let alone fully intoxicated. Rideshare programs like Uber and Lyft are convenient and relatively inexpensive, especially considering the costs associated with a drunk driving accident—an arrest, fines, property damage, and possible jail time. If ridesharing makes you uneasy, call a friend or family member to come pick you up. The vast majority of people understand picking someone up is well worth the time given the potential consequences of driving drunk.

Stop Texting

This goes for all cell phone activity while driving, which is the leading cause of driver distraction. Even taking your eyes off the road for the 10 seconds it takes to read a text message can be a life or death decision, especially if travelling on a highway.

If you’ve come to rely on your phone for finding your destination or for playing music, a hands-free device which attaches to your vents or some other part of your console can make a considerable difference. Worst case scenario—you may need to pull off the road for a moment while you plug your destination into your navigation app.

Get You Sleep

You may have resolved to fit more sleep into your schedule already. As it relates to car accidents, feeling tired can have similar results as intoxicated driving when behind the wheel: after a day without sleep, a person’s driving abilities are comparable to someone with an alcohol level of 0.1. With one-in-three drivers admitting to falling asleep at the wheel, it will be well worth it to find an extra hour to commit to sleeping.

Stop Tailgating

It should come as no surprise that your chances of causing an accident go up precipitously when tailgating.  If you are following too close to a non-passenger vehicle such as a bus or tractor trailer, your chances are even higher because such vehicles tend to stop unexpectedly and take much longer than your vehicle does to come to a stop.

It’s well worth it to take the time and consider how you might practice safer driving this year. It could end up saving your life, along with the headache of dealing with a car accident.

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