Infotainment Systems: The Latest Driving Distraction

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Infotainment Systems: The Latest Driving Distraction

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New research out of the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is alerting motorists to the dangers associated with distracted driving thanks to the rise of “infotainment” systems in newer automobile models. Voice-activating systems and touch screens were consistently found to take a driver’s eyes off the road for more than half a minute as they input directions or dispatched a text message.

With the chances of causing a car accident doubling by looking away form the road for two seconds, it is easily to realize the danger posed by these new, ostensibly helpful electronic systems.

Keeping the Roads Safe

AAA has been working alongside automobile manufacturers to hopefully integrate infotainment features more seamlessly into future vehicles with an eye towards keeping drivers’ focus on the road.

Executive director of the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety Dr. David Yang commented on the situation, saying “When an in-vehicle technology is not properly designed, simple tasks for drivers can become complicated and require more effort from drivers to complete.”

According to tests performed by the University of Utah, navigating a route to their destination via console technology took drivers’ attention from the road the longest, at an average of 40 seconds per destination input. This translates to covering the length of four football fields while only traveling at 25 mph. Considering the average speed of highway commuting, 40 seconds can easily mean the difference between life and death.

Furthermore, when drivers are unable to operate their navigation systems correctly and become frustrated, their focus is typically wholly diverted from driving.

Distracted Driving Car Accident Lawyer

Drivers need to keep this in perspective if their vehicle contains infotainment systems, such as console navigation displays when driving. You don’t have to be travelling at a high rate of speed if you are distracted to be involved in a serious accident.

If you were injured in an accident caused by someone else who was focused on some electrical navigation system rather than the road, a Los Angeles car accident attorney from the Law Offices of Jacob Emrani can investigate the accident to hold the negligent party accountable and recover needed financial compensation.

Call the firm to learn more about the law as it relates to negligent driving: (888) 952-2952.

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