Why Not to Wait to get Medical Attention after an Accident

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In the wake of an accident of some kind in which you are seriously hurt, you need to trust your gut and get the medical help you need. You could be looking at extensive injuries such as fractured bones, internal bleeding, and severe pain. Even if you feel relatively unharmed in the aftermath of the accident, there’s a good chance this is simply due to the adrenaline coursing through your bloodstream which is your body’s typical reaction to experiencing some kind of trauma. Seeking medical attention is of paramount importance, and doing so as soon as possible.

Not only your well-being, but your personal injury suit can hinge on seeking medical care. In theory, the compensation from such a suit can cover your related medical expenses—hospital visits, doctor appointments, prescription medication, physical therapy, etc. The following are some big reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to get the care you need after an accident.

4 Reasons to Get Medical help Right Away

Getting back on your feet—any time lost between your accident and getting medical attention can be life-altering. Even a successful personal injury claim will not be able to get you back to your former self, prior to the accident. Your best chance at recovering physically is only if you don’t wait to see a doctor.

The burden of proof lies with the injured—in court, you (or your personal injury attorney) will be forced to establish the severity of your injury and the liability of the other party. A considerable piece of evidence in this regard is documentation related to the medical attention you already received: hospital bills, medical tests, and medical records. Being unable to produce this documentation can seriously weaken you case and possibly lead to its denial in court.

Delays in medical attention looks suspicious—the other party’s insurance company will try anything to prevent having to compensate you for your losses. They will in all likelihood point to any hesitation on your part to seek medical care to argue that your injuries were not as bad as you are alleging, meaning you could end up with much less in damages or none at all.

Invisible injuries count—you deserve to be compensated for those injuries which aren’t clearly visible such as a brain injury or whiplash. The only means of proving the harm done to you in such cases is to have medical documentation to that end. Following up initial doctor visits will provide further justification for you to obtain the compensation you deserve.

You should know that even your own insurance company is not concerned with your wellbeing. Only by having a skilled Los Angeles personal injury attorney by your side throughout the life of your injury claim.

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