Important Safety Advice for Motorcyclists to Prevent Injury

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There is no secret about the fact that motorcyclists are the most prone to getting injured in an accident. In a car, you are still protected by the exterior of the vehicle in a collision; but on a motorbike, your body is completely exposed to the collision, which can result in gruesome injuries and even death. Statistics show that motorcycle accidents claim hundreds of lives, and injure thousands of people every year, which is why all motorcyclists should take precautionary measures.

To prevent accidents while riding on motorcycles, bikers are advised to learn the proper rules of riding a motorcycle, and brush up their knowledge on the safety tips. Here are the important safety precautions all motorcyclists should follow to prevent injury:

1.   Wear the right gear

It doesn’t matter how skilled you are as a motorcyclist; you need to wear the appropriate protective gear to ensure you don’t get injured in an accident. Most bikers tend to forego protective gear, but that is unwise, since it can lead to them being injured or killed. As a rule of thumb, all bikers should wear boots, full length jeans, gloves, reinforced or leather jackets, and a helmet.

It helps if you are wearing bright colors as it improves visibility for other motorists, especially if you are riding in the dark.

2.   Check the condition of the bike

Your motorcycle should be in perfect condition to ride if you don’t want to become a victim of a biking accident. Therefore, you should check that all the motor and electrical systems of your bike are in good working condition. This means checking the lights, the horn, the signal lights, tire pressure, brakes, and belts. A simple check of your bike before you get on the road can prevent an unfortunate accident.

3.   Always wear a helmet

It doesn’t matter where you’re going, you should always wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle, even if you don’t like wearing one. Statistics show that bikers who wear a helmet are 60% less likely to suffer from a fatal head injury, and 75% less likely to suffer from serious brain damage. Therefore, it is recommended that you get high quality head gear and helmet when riding your motorcycle.

4.   Enhance your skills

You should always try to improve your riding skills on a motorcycle as it will allow you to learn the proper maneuvers when riding in traffic. Knowing the basics along with emergency maneuvers and advanced techniques can help you prevent an accident when riding a motorcycle. It can also be the difference from being involved in a fatal accident, to walking away with just scratches on your body from an accident.

5.   Buy the right bike

This is very important for all bikers. You need to get the right bike for yourself depending on what you will be using the bike for. Many motorcyclists tend to purchase the wrong bike, generally one that is too heavy for them to lift, or too fast for them to control. If you’re unable to plant both feet on the ground, while standing, and your bike is too heavy for you to lift from the stand, then it is the wrong one for you. Therefore, make things easier for yourself, and buy the right bike to avoid getting injured in motorcycle accidents.

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