How Soon Should I Visit The Doctor After My Accident?

Car Accident Doctor

Seeking medical attention is one of the most important steps to take following a car accident. According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, every year, about 4.4 million drivers and passengers in the U.S. are injured seriously enough to require medical attention. Serious injuries aren’t always immediately obvious, so if you’ve been in a car accident, a doctor should be seen as soon as possible.

Even in a minor accident, whiplash or internal bruising may not cause pain or discomfort until the next day, or for several days. Internal bleeding, organ damage, or a brain injury may not trigger symptoms right away. Immediately after an accident, you may feel fine, but in reality, your life could be in danger.

When Do I See a Doctor?

It should be one of the first steps you take after an accident. The rush of adrenaline immediately afterward can block the sensation of injuries. Check your body for wounds and whether any limbs are difficult to move or are trapped. Both legal and medical professionals advise you seek urgent medical care instead of waiting to feel the pain.

Why Immediate Medical Attention Is So Important

After a car accident, you’ll likely be in touch with your insurance company and maybe an attorney. While these professionals serve important roles, none are more essential than a doctor. It may be that you require life-saving treatment. And if you’re concerned about the cost of medical bills, your health insurance or a settlement with the other driver’s insurance company may cover it. Some doctors will wait until the end of your case to get paid, so you won’t pay anything out-of-pocket.

Therefore, see a doctor right away because:

Pain and Injuries Can Be Addressed Before They Get Worse

The extreme forces and weight of a vehicle can have detrimental impacts on the human body. Internal bleeding must be addressed right away, or your life could be in danger. Minor bumps or aches can progress to debilitating pain and mobility impairments within hours or days. A broken bone or soft tissue damage will likely get worse if not treated. You can avoid long-term injuries and disabilities with an immediate examination and the proper treatment.

Insurance Companies Require as Much Information as Possible

This includes details about the medical attention and treatment you received following the accident. Claims are often adjusted using automated systems that factor in medical costs. Your medical care can provide proof that your symptoms and injuries are directly connected to the accident. Delaying or avoiding medical treatment can risk having your compensation reduced or denied.

In general, insurance companies consider it reasonable to seek medical care within 72 hours of an accident. Also check with your state’s statute of limitations for seeing state-approved physicians, especially if you have personal injury protection (PIP) insurance.

Medical Care Can Provide Evidence for Your Legal Claim

It’s common practice for the at-fault party’s insurance company to attempt to discredit your claim or suggest your injuries aren’t as serious as you say they are. Insurer’s love to argue an injury was pre-existing or occurred after the accident. But seeking immediate medical care makes it much harder to do that. An attorney will strongly recommend medical testing and treatment so they can support your case with the appropriate records. It also strengthens the possibility of being compensated for medical bills, time out of work, and pain and suffering.

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