Why You Should See A Doctor After a Car Accident


A car accident is a traumatic experience that can change your life. You may not even realize how badly you’re injured, as adrenaline and endorphins released in your body during the event can block pain. Some injuries may not be realized for days or weeks, unless you’re examined by a doctor right away. Then there’s the issue of proving your car accident claim. A record of medical treatment immediately following a car crash can be invaluable in this regard.

Putting off or avoiding a doctor’s visit after an accident can be a terrible, and even fatal, mistake. This is a crucial step in so many ways. Continue reading to understand why seeking immediate medical attention is so important.

Potential for Worse Injuries

Car accident victims often feel fine after a crash, only to later have excruciating pain or experience internal bleeding, brain hemorrhages, spinal injuries, or bone fractures. While these are among the most severe consequences, other injuries may not be obvious for a while. Common types include:

  • Soft tissue injuries: Whiplash is the most recognized type of soft tissue injury. It occurs when neck muscles are stretched and injured as the head is suddenly thrown back and forth. Damage to muscles, tendons, and ligaments anywhere in the body can take weeks to manifest and result in pain, swelling, and difficulty with movement. Quality medical treatment is essential to diagnose such injuries, as they don’t appear on X-rays.
  • Concussion: Although protected by your skull, your brain can move with significant force due to a violent strike or jolt, resulting in a concussion. In severe cases, an individual may be disoriented or lose consciousness. More subtle signs include trouble with concentration or short-term memory, headache, blurred vision, dizziness, nausea, lack of energy, or sleeping more or less than normal. Concussions usually require medical treatment to avoid complications and, in some cases, save a person’s life.

Back, neck, or shoulder pain; abdominal pain and/or bruising; numbness and tingling; and changes in mental health can indicate a serious problem as well. Getting to a doctor as soon as possible ensures you get proper medical care and don’t put your overall health at risk.

Provides Supporting Evidence

Delayed treatment can raise questions as to whether a car accident was the direct cause of your injuries or symptoms. Your medical records can be used as evidence. Without them, an insurance company or defendant can claim your pain or injury was caused by something else, such as making a sudden movement, exercise, or a work-related task. If you’ve had something similar in the past, the other party can argue the accident didn’t cause it; or, if immediate treatment wasn’t sought, the defendant may question the legitimacy of your claim.

Medical records not only prevent the nature of your injury from being questioned. They provide a paper trail that ties potential injuries and your treatment to the accident. A record of healthcare costs and how the injury changed your life makes it easier to pursue damages. Medical evidence should always be presented to your car accident lawyer.

If you wait too long to be treated, your auto insurance company may deny coverage. The usual limit is 72 hours, after which the cost of treatment won’t be covered.

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