Holiday Season Road Safety Tips

city-of-los-angelesThe holiday season presents a number of risks on top of ones drivers normally face. Winter weather can be challenging and drivers may be unfamiliar with areas they’re traveling to. Not to mention daylight is very limited this time of year.

A leading Los Angeles personal injury attorney, The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani, assists many car accident victims in getting compensation. However, your best option is to avoid getting into an accident. You can minimize your chances of being involved in a crash by:

  • Buckling your seat belts, even on the shortest trips.
  • Using car seats, booster seats, and seat belts for children in the back seat.
  • Staying within all posted speed limits; speed is a leading cause of crashes.
  • Avoiding alcohol or drug consumption if you drive.
  • Not texting or using your cell phone while driving.

Keep children as safe as possible by using age- and size-appropriate safety gear. You can significantly reduce their risk of injury in an accident. Also, follow installation instructions for car and booster seats. Make sure your teenager understands how to drive safely, the importance of using seat belts, and the risks of nighttime driving. You can even use time off to supervise your teen while they learn to drive.

Older adults should review their prescription and over-the-counter medications to prevent interactions and side effects from impeding driving ability. Regular eye checkups and use of eyeglasses as prescribed are important as well. However, there are potentially safer alternatives such as public transportation and rideshare services, if you’re older and not as comfortable with driving as before.

Other Tips for Safe Holiday Driving

You can reduce your risk of a car accident this holiday season with:

  • Planning: Map out the route to your destination and make sure your vehicle is in good condition. Check the brakes and fluids, as winter weather can be unpredictable, and keep a brush, windshield scraper, and small shovel handy. Keep tabs on the weather forecasts and traffic reports as well.
  • Rest: Get a good night’s sleep before a long road trip and set aside time for breaks. Share the driving if necessary. Driver fatigue is a major factor in automobile accidents. Driving drowsy or without sufficient rest caused about 72,000 crashes from 2009 to 2013, according to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
  • Defensive driving: Stay calm and keep your cool, even if other drivers are impatient and aggressive. Safety should be your top priority. After all, road conditions can be most hazardous in the winter, and increased traffic doesn’t help either. Stay in control of your emotions and allow other drivers to pass if they make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Use a designated driver: Everyone is celebrating during the holidays, but don’t get carried away. If you choose to indulge this season, find a designated driver. Drunk driving is illegal and can get you killed or, at the very least, arrested, heavily fined, and with a suspended license.

Call a Car Accident Attorney

Even if you follow all these safe driving tips, accidents can still occur. The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani can work with insurance companies and help you get compensated for your injuries and property damage. Our car accident attorney in Los Angeles and Orange County also serves clients in all of California. Read more about our practice and check out our results and reviews; for a free consultation, call 888-952-2952 or send us a message today.