Debunking 9 Common Personal Injury Myths

Common Myths About Personal Injuries

Unless you’re a personal injury lawyer or have experienced a personal injury claim, you may been led to believe a few common myths about personal injuries that simply aren’t true. These personal injury myths are often spread by the media or those who don’t understand the process. To dispel these myths and spread the facts about personal injuries, here are 9 common personal injury myths and the truth about personal injury cases:

1. Personal Injury Lawsuits Take too Long

Everyone takes an injury differently, just so is each personal injury lawsuit is unique. This may make it hard for your lawyer to always have an exact timeline. While some cases take years to resolve, a straightforward case can settle in much less time. Most cases don’t ever reach a courtroom. Instead, plaintiffs are often compensated through an agreement by both parties.

2. Your Settlement Money Will Mostly Go Towards Lawyer Fees

There’s a common perception that lawyers seek exorbitant fees out of pocket and up-front. To start, many attorneys provide a free consultation to determine your legal options. Personal injury lawyers also often work on a contingency fee basis, so they only recover money if your case wins, as a percentage of the amount recovered.

3. Your Insurance Company Will Cover all Injury-Related Costs

An insurance company typically pays about 50% of the costs related to car accidents. You might pay as much as a quarter of the injury/crash costs out of pocket, which can add up significantly depending on the severity of the crash. Additionally, your insurance will likely increase your monthly rates depending on your coverage. Personal injury claims are often filed because insurance companies refuse to pay what the claim is worth.

4. If I Have Insurance, I Don’t Need a Lawyer

Much of the fight for compensation is against the insurance company. Insurers are primary concerned with profit. To get a fair settlement, it helps to have an experienced attorney who knows how to negotiate and work with the largest insurance firms.

5. Your Claim Will Jeopardize the At-Fault Party’s Financial Security

Most of the time, the other party’s insurance company pays the settlement. The odds are you’re not going to make the other person’s life miserable over an insurance claim. If filing a claim against a friend or family member, it shouldn’t ruin their financial security regardless of its impact on your relationship.

6. It’s Not Worth Filing a Claim for Minor Injuries


Your injuries can be relatively minor­­­­­­, yet the costs can add up over time. An ER visit and diagnostic tests can be expensive. Ongoing treatment can cost you as well. You could end up paying thousands of dollars out of pocket when another party should be liable for those costs.

7. You Can Be Perceived as Greedy by Filing a Personal Injury Case

Over the years, mainstream media has created this false impression by negatively portraying personal injury plaintiffs. However, the vast majority of those filing a claim are simply seeking compensation for their hardship, and often cannot afford to cover expenses caused by someone else’s negligence or malicious intent. If an at-fault party owed a duty to you, they are liable to pay for medical bills, property repairs, and other damages.

8. You Can File a Claim with Any Lawyer

All lawyers are not one and the same. Practicing law doesn’t mean a particular attorney knows how to handle a personal injury case. Personal injury law is a specialty that takes years to learn the ins and outs of, much like a doctor specializing in a specific area of medicine verses a general doctor. Your best bet of getting an acceptable settlement is to work with an experienced personal injury lawyer to handle your case.

9. You’re Guaranteed a Settlement by Filing a Lawsuit

Even if you prove the other party is at fault, the defendant’s legal team can use many types of defenses to evade liability. Insurance companies are often successful at this. There are many loopholes they can exploit to reduce or deny your payout. Therefore, it’s imperative you keep records of your accident and expenses and seek medical attention immediately so the evidence is available.

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