Coronavirus (COVID-19): Impact on Personal Injury and Auto Accident Cases

Coronavirus could impact the timeline of your personal injury case, and potentially even its value. The coronavirus pandemic has affected every aspect of life. Many courts are closed and the U.S. economy has taken a serious hit. But you can still take steps to maintain your auto accident or personal injury case. The ultimate case value and benefits you ultimately receive depend on it. Here are a few important considerations if youโ€™re pursuing a case during the outbreak.


Continue Your Medical Treatment

Scheduling medical appointments has become challenging as many hospitals and other medical facilities are overwhelmed with coronavirus patients. Some clinics have limited operating hours and the types of visits permitted while enforcing recommended safety precautions such as face coverings and social distancing. However, it is still important to schedule and receive medical treatment for injuries sustained in an accident. Stay in contact with your doctor and, if they suggest rescheduling your appointment, make sure to follow up.

Fear of the virus is leading many people to avoid medical care. However, treatment is needed to maximize your case value, prove the extent of your injuries, and ensure pertinent details are available before any statute of limitations deadline passes. Even if scheduling an appointment is difficult, be diligent in getting the next available slot so you get any doctor-recommended treatment.

Have Proper Insurance Coverage

Check over your policy and have important items, such as uninsured motorist coverage, and make sure there are no lapses in paying insurance premiums. Insurers are still in business and will terminate coverage if you fail to pay. The economic downturn is affecting them as well. As insurance companies profit from the stock market and other investments, they may make even lower offers and try to settle claims more quickly to protect their businesses. But declining profits donโ€™t have to impact your settlement. A personal injury lawyer will put pressure on your insurer to pay what your case is worth.

Be Prepared for Courthouse Changes & Delays

Courthouse schedules and procedures have been modified during the COVID-19 pandemic. Los Angeles courts are conducting most appearances, including hearings and depositions, using virtual methods like videoconferencing and multimedia presentations. In Los Angeles County, courtroom closures have been extended through June 10, while traffic and non-traffic citation matters wonโ€™t be heard before June 22.

Whether or not a court appointment can be made, your attorney can still file your claim and negotiate with insurance representatives. Settlement amounts can be established and agreed upon electronically. Nonetheless, restricted court schedules may slow the timeline of claims for personal injury victims, as the courtโ€™s caseload may be severely bottlenecked.

Donโ€™t Delay in Hiring a Lawyer

If you need to file a car accident lawsuit, find a lawyer as quickly as possible. Your attorney can work with your insurance company and potentially reach a settlement out of court. The steps to filing lawsuits can be done from a remote location via email, videoconferencing tools, and by phone. This eliminates in-person visits and the risk of being exposed to the virus during your consultation.

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