4 Reasons Why A Personal Injury Attorney May Not Take Your Case

attorney-looking-at-papersIf you’ve never sought legal counsel before, you probably think finding a lawyer to represent you is simple. Finding the right attorney is one factor. Having one to take on your case is another. There are often time limits for filing accident claims. One of the reasons you should seek legal representation quickly is a lawyer’s willingness to accept the case. This is where a case evaluation comes in handy; if they’re a reputable attorney or firm, chances are this won’t cost you, and they can determine if winning your case is a real possibility.

A Los Angeles personal injury attorney may reject your case because:

  1. There’s no connection between the accident and proof of liability: Yes, you may have been injured. That doesn’t mean another party is legally responsible. Your attorney will look at every detail as to how the accident happened. Even if an injury occurred on a given premises, the defendant didn’t necessarily breach any legal duty or do anything wrong. If proving another party, even a manufacturer or builder, was intentionally at-fault or negligent is too difficult, a lawyer may pass on the case.
  2. A lawsuit cannot be economically justified: A case requires a lawyer to invest their time and money. Depositions, witness questioning, discovery, and copying documents, as well as managing office expenses, are all considerations, especially since personal injury attorneys often work on a contingency fee basis. That means there’s no guarantee the case will win or the lawyer will get paid for their time and effort. The cost of your medical treatment, lost wages, and other personal losses will be factored in as well; the greater the economic loss, the greater the value of the case. If you win, your attorney wins because they get a percentage of the settlement. But if it doesn’t seem likely the case would reach a favorable outcome, there’s no reason for them to invest time in it.
  3. It’s not a significant enough injury: The relative impact of an injury may appear greater to you than someone outside your inner circle, such as your attorney. A minor injury may not justify the cost and time of taking on a case. If there’s little long-term impact, the monetary compensation could be on the low side or not equal a substantial return on the case. There may just not be enough proof an accident caused an injury, or the injury may have healed and there’s no point in funding depositions and developing a testimony.
  4. The client has been shopping around for lawyers: Speaking to a few lawyers isn’t always bad; after all, you want to find the right one for your case. Sometimes it looks like a potential client is looking for an attorney that will quote them the highest settlement amount. Knowing the actual value requires looking at many facts. If it appears your expectations are unrealistic, the attorney may reject the case. The same is true if other lawyers have rejected it too, because there are red flags they want to avoid, or the client has fired several attorneys before.

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