What to Do If Injured in a Rental Car Accident

If you’ve been injured in a rental car accident, filing an insurance claim can be a complex matter. Whether you were driving the rental vehicle or someone else was, there may be an opportunity to file a claim against the other driver or even the rental car company. In California, an at-fault state, the party that caused a collision is liable for damages. Navigating a car accident case requires the help of a Los Angeles personal injury attorney experienced with the law and dealing with insurance companies.

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But if you have an accident in a rental vehicle, the rental car company is not automatically at-fault. The person who caused the accident will be. After the accident, do as you would for any crash: check if you or anyone else was injured, take notes of the events, call the police, and seek medical attention.

Will My Insurance Cover Rental Car Accident Damages?

Contact your car insurance company. Most accident policies cover the cost of damages associated with rental car accidents, so check with your insurer before looking anywhere else. If you have collision coverage, it might cover damage resulting from the crash, whether you were at-fault or not. Liability insurance should cover any damages other drivers incurred due to the accident.

If another motorist was involved, make sure your insurer and the other driver’s insurance company are aware of that. In cases where you believe the other driver was negligent, file a claim with their liability coverage. You can then recover damages for medical bills related to injuries sustained in that accident, as well as lost wages from missed work.

To file a claim with another driver’s insurer, you must prove they caused the accident, were negligent, and the damages you claim resulted directly from that incident.

What About Rental Car Insurance?

You can purchase insurance from a rental car company. Before you do so, check with your personal insurance policy to see if you’re covered. Also, research whether the credit card you used to rent the vehicle offers insurance.

A rental car company’s insurance coverage can compensate you and other victims for damages. However, that does not mean it’ll take liability for the accident (You can’t sue them for negligence). Unless another party caused the accident, you will be at-fault and liable.

When Is a Car Rental Company Negligent?

Negligence means an entity did not take reasonable action or failed to take action a reasonable party would to avoid a hazard or condition that led to an accident. The rental company may be liable if a crash was caused by poor vehicle maintenance. All rental car companies have a duty to ensure their vehicles are safe and ready for driving, meaning they should be maintained, repaired when necessary, and inspected. If a known dangerous defect was not corrected or the company engaged in illegal business practices, such as hiring an uncertified mechanic, skipped maintenance checks, or used low-quality replacement parts, it could be liable.

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