What Safety Devices on Cars Can Be Added Later?

In recent years, auto manufacturers have started including numerous safety features in vehicles. These can save lives and even help avoid accidents. But the average age of cars on the road is 12.2 years, as of 2022, according to S&P Global Mobility. That means owners of older vehicles may not benefit from what are now standard safety features. However, there are many safety devices for cars that can be purchased as aftermarket products.

The following systems can improve your safety and monitor your vehicle:

Rear-View/Backup Camera

Most newer cars have a built-in backup camera. But you can purchase a rear camera if your vehicle doesn’t have one. It relays video to a screen on the dashboard, so you can see behind the car when backing up; it also helps when parking near other cars or a wall. The camera installs above the rear license plate. Depending on the system, the display may clip onto the rearview mirror, mount to the dashboard, or appear on your car’s touchscreen.

Blind Spot Detectors

If a vehicle is in your blind spot, collisions can occur when turning or changing lanes. To reduce the risk, you can install sensors on the front and/or rear bumper as well as the sides of the car. A buzzer or LED indicator (often installed below the rearview mirror), alerts you when a vehicle or pedestrian is in your blind spot.

Collision Warning System

A dash-mounted display, connected to a camera, provides visual cues of traffic. The collision avoidance system monitors the road ahead and lets you know if any vehicles have stopped or slowed. It can provide an alert if a vehicle is too close are if you’re speeding. Similarly, a lane departure system monitors the road for painted lane markings. Truckers have been using these technologies for years.

Engine Diagnostic System

This is a device that plugs into the onboard diagnostic port. Using a smartphone app, you can check on the health of the engine. For example, you can see why the check engine light is on or get an update on the oil level.

Tire Pressure Monitors

Low tire pressure or a flat tire are major safety hazards. If your car doesn’t have a built-in tire pressure monitoring system, you can install sensors in tire valve caps that monitor each tire’s pressure. A base monitor, plugged into the cigarette lighter power port, provides a readout; or, depending on the system, you can monitor tire pressure using a smartphone app and get remote readings and alerts.

Head-Up Display

Mounted on the dashboard, a small projector relays information like vehicle speed and time. An advanced system may allow you to make calls and display navigation information. There are also smartphone apps that project information from a phone screen. Such systems allow you to keep your eyes on the road while being kept informed.

Connected Car System

Also plugged into the cigarette lighter port, this device clips to the rearview mirror or visor. It tells you where your car is and where it has been, and also lets you call for roadside or emergency assistance. A connected system allows hands-free phone calls as well, with audio played through the vehicle’s speakers. The unit itself has a microphone so a caller can hear you speak to them.

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