What Is the Difference Between a General Lawyer and Personal Injury Attorneys?

There are plenty of lawyers who choose to practice many areas of law. They can be helpful in many instances, especially if you require help in estate planning or real estate, insurance, business, or bankruptcy law. If you need a lawyer after, for example, being injured in a car accident, you may want to consider a Los Angeles personal injury attorney whose experience helps them look after your best interests. Here is a closer look at both types and when a personal injury lawyer may be your best option.

What Is a General Practice Lawyer?

Many attorneys focus on a broad range of legal specialties until they are more experienced. General practice lawyers are commonly found in smaller communities. There’s no requirement for any attorney to specialize, although some states provide options for attorneys to focus on a particular area. Generally, these certifications require one to have practiced for a given number of years, handle a certain number of cases and appeals in that area, and complete continuing education credits in that specialty.

Whether you choose a board-certified attorney depends on how specific your case is. On the other hand, some legal issues overlap and a general practitioner may give you more options. A more generalized lawyer can help small businesses, unless a particular matter is so specific. But such an attorney can offer help over time, managing various legal issues as your business grows.

Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

When you’re facing a long recovery, a mountain of medical bills, and strained finances, while being unable to work, it’s important to have an experienced and specialized personal injury attorney working with you. At The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani, our car accident attorney in Los Angeles can:

  • Protect your rights and interests: Your attorney is there to protect your interests, particularly when dealing with insurance companies that are concerned only with profits and minimal payouts.
  • Manage your entire case: Filing an injury claim requires understanding stringent rules and guidelines. We know all the rules and issues that may arise, such as statutes of limitations and paperwork.
  • Evaluate the damage: Many years of experience enable us to assess how the accident has affected you, from calculating past, present, and future medical expenses to quantifying mental anguish and pain and suffering.
  • Establish definitive proof: Our goal is to prove the accident wasn’t your fault, using every legal tool in our arsenal. Proving your injuries were caused by the car accident requires the experience of a personal injury lawyer.

An attorney who can help you get compensated for lost wages, injuries, and medical bills can offer peace of mind. After an accident, it can seem like so much is against you. The defense, insurance companies, and your body’s and mind’s ability to heal can make it feel like all is lost. Nevertheless, your accident attorney can provide hope and file a case that leads to a financial settlement that covers your loses.

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An experienced, credentialed attorney is what you need, whether they practice general or personal injury law. Specializing in many types of personal injury cases, our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys are available throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, and to clients throughout California. We fight hard to get the settlement you deserve, so don’t hesitate to call Jacob if you need a Los Angeles personal injury attorney. For more information, call us today at 888-952-2952, email info@calljacob.com, or request a free consultation via our website.