Well-Rested Truck Drivers are Safer Drivers

Truckers work hard to meet their deadlines, and this can cause them to continue to work longer and longer hours. Even more, they don’t hesitate to push themselves in terms of staying awake, and this is exactly what increases the likelihood of severe truck accidents.

With more than 3.5 million drivers working in the trucking industry, truck accidents are incredibly serious accidents that happen on the streets, especially considering the huge size and mass of the vehicles involved and the staggering volume of cargo they carry.

Most importantly, these truckers are usually on a tight schedule and in order to save time, they commonly carry more cargo than legally allowed, or they even sacrifice their sleep time just to get moving with their assigned tasks.

This means that thousands of sleepy and fatigued truckers are always behind the wheel, carrying heavy cargos and driving recklessly all across the nation’s streets. Unsurprisingly, almost half a million accidents involve cargo trucks: more than 2,500 motorists were killed in accidents involving large trucks in 2015 according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

So, how can we minimize the risk of truck accidents?

Well, for this, California must incorporate requirements which would ensure proper rest of truckers without disrupting their work schedules. For instance, truckers must be allowed to have lunch breaks and they must take them. Similarly, the time of these breaks should be adequate because many state laws allow truckers to take 30 minutes break which is not enough – as many truck drivers will attest.

Eventually, the drivers either end up eating while driving, which leads to accidents due to distraction, or suppress their hunger just to get to their next stop, resulting in more anger and potential accidents.

There should be adequate rest periods allowed for truckers so that they are not fatigued while driving, reducing the risk of truck accidents. Also, this will help the truckers to:

  • Take coffee or drink beverages, which will help them stay hydrated, more energized and concentrated throughout the journey
  • Eat properly and in provided break time so that they can avoid eating during driving
  • Conduct required inspection of their trucks for any possible issue
  • Ensure that their cargo is secured and properly placed
  • Walk around a bit, to improve blood circulation and keep their minds fresh, instead of remain seated for long hours
  • Go to restroom on their way, avoiding their urge to reach the destination as early as possible
  • Look away and give some rest to their eyes from looking at the road for hours
  • Check their provided maps to ensure they are taking the right route for cargo trucks and heading in the right direction.

Regulations regarding meal and rest breaks for truck drivers is hotly contested between the state of California and Washington D.C. as pointed out in this recent Los Angeles Times article.  California currently mandates a half-hour break for truck drivers during their first five hours on the road and a 10-minute break after five hours of driving.

Those truck drivers who willingly violate the specified rules pertaining to taking a break and getting the rest they need and cause an accident can be held liable for violating said rules.  The Los Angeles personal injury attorneys at Law Offices of Jacob Emrani can hold truck drivers, trucking companies, and any other negligent party accountable for the harm done to you by such a truck accident.  Our Los Angeles truck accident attorneys have the experience taking on big trucking companies to get you the financial compensation you deserve.

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