Understanding the Los Angeles Vision Zero Action Plan

In January, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced, along with the city Department of Transportation, the release of the initial Vision Zero Action Plan.

The goals of the Action Plan include:

  • Creating safe streets for everyone
  • Developing a culture of safety
  • Adopting new policies and legislation to strengthen safety and respond to relevant data

What is the point of Vision Zero?

Launched in 2015, Vision Zero is part of a city-wide effort to eliminate traffic fatalities in Los Angeles completely by 2025. The plan highlights 40 specific corridors within the city’s “High-Injury Network” where most traffic fatalities occur. These corridors are where older adults and children are at an especially high risk of being seriously injured or killed in pedestrian accidents.

The emphasis on these priority corridors will be with the end goal being a decline of 20% in traffic deaths by the end of 2017. One tangible result of the plan so far is the installation of a “scramble crosswalk” where Hollywood and Highland intersect in 2015 which has resulted in no fatalities or serious injuries that were caused by a collision.

This year, as part of the goals of Vision Zero, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation will be investing $2 million towards and education initiative which includes creative development, community outreach, and a paid media campaign. LAPD will likewise partner with the Department of Transportation to work on enforcing speed limits within the High-Injury Network.

To learn more about the Los Angeles Vision Zero Action Plan, go to http://visionzero.lacity.org/vision_zero_action_plan_released/.

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