This Week In The News (09/23-09/27)

1 Dead, 1 Injured in Chain Reaction Collision Involving 3 Big Rigs on 10 Fwy in West Covina

Thursday, September 26, 2019 (KTLA 5) – A deadly chain reaction crash happened shortly before 3AM on Thursday morning. The 10 Freeway in West Covina was shut down after a big rig rear-ended a truck, which then crashed into a third big rig, sending that semi into a Honda Civic that was stopped in front of it. The four-vehicle pile up was responsible for killing one person and injuring another. No further information was provided about the deceased driver.ย 

Hereโ€™s What You Need To Know About E-Scooter Laws in Long Beach

Thursday, September 26, 2019 (KABC) – If you havenโ€™t noticed yet, electric scooters have taken over the streets of Los Angeles and have now made their way down to Long Beach. Back in July Long Beach launched a pilot program for e-scooters, and shortly thereafter the rules, regulations and citations started to fly. Broc Coward, the COO of the Downtown Long Beach Alliance said, “In the last 2-3 weeks, we’ve noticed that LBPD is out educating and citing for scooters on sidewalks, scooters going the wrong way on one-way streets.” Among the new rules in place that you can be ticketed for if not in compliance include, no riding on the sidewalks, beach paths or private property. Also, you must have a learnerโ€™s permit to operate, and those under 18 must wear helmets. Citations could go upwards of $200 if you get caught not obeying the new guidelines.ย ย 

Disturbing Attack on Real Estate Agent Captured on Camera in Encino

Wednesday, September 25, 2019 (NBC Los Angeles) – A bizarre incident took place Sunday afternoon at an open house in Encino. The LAPD is still trying to identify a suspect that violently shoved and injured a female real estate agent. The victim has asked to remain anonymous. The perpetrator was seen by security cameras hovering over her as she screamed. Local real estate agents are on guard. “You wouldn’t imagine something like this would happen in daylight, especially when a camera is recording,” said broker Bob Siegmeth, on whose Keller-Williams team the agent works. The victim said that her attacker has been to the open house before and had tried multiple times to get her in the house alone. Stating he needed a glass of water or needed to inspect something in the home. Fortunately, the female Realtor refused, and that may have contributed to the suspect getting frustrated and ultimately shoving her and knocking her to the ground. The agent said the man appears to be in his 40s and is cross-eyed. At one point, she heard him speak a few words of Arabic. He had signed in as “Tom.” If anyone has any information regarding this incident, please contact the LAPD immediately.ย 

SUV Caught on Video Intentionally Running Over Motorcycle Nearly Hitting Owner in Lake Elsinore

Monday, September 23, 2019 (FOX 11 Los Angeles) – A road rage incident escalated into a man almost getting run over in Lake Elsinore. A white SUV with Florida plates was seen driving erratically which prompted the initial argument with two men on motorcycles. As the SUV pulled away, the vehicle then turned around and deliberately ran over the Harley, almost hitting the motorist. CHP is trying to track down the two suspects in the white SUV.ย 

Several Injured Following Crash Involving Border Patrol

Thursday, September 19, 2019 (10 News San Diego) – According to California Highway Patrol, several people were injured after a car hit a Border Patrol vehicle and a big rig. Authorities still donโ€™t know what caused the crash that happened on the westbound lane of the 905 on Thursday night.ย 

LAPD Officer Fired 10 Shots in Crowded Costco Food Line, Killing a Man: Was It Justified?

Thursday, September 26, 2019 (LA Times) – A grand jury in Riverside County decided to not proceed with criminal charges in the case of an off-duty police officer who shot and killed a disabled man at a Costco. On June 14th, Kenneth French, 32, was killed while in a food-tasting line inside a Costco, while his parents were wounded in the gunfire. Salvador Sanchez, the off-duty officer, said that he was knocked to the ground while holding his toddler and has no choice but to respond with lethal force. There is additional audio and video of the deadly altercation. The LA Times requested to have access to such footage and was denied. It is unclear what led to the violent encounter, but when attorneys were pressed for information, that said the video provided no clear-cut answers and the only reasonable path forward was to not continue with criminal charges.ย ย 

Latest Laker: Troy Danielsโ€™ Dangerous Jumper

Thursday, September 26, 2019 ( –ย  Troy Daniels, a six-season veteran, but first year Laker, is an undeniable powerhouse on the basketball court. A dangerous opponent in the corners, Daniels executed 51.2% of his treys last season. The two-guard is a long-range threat as well, hitting an astounding 40% of his 3-pointers. You wonโ€™t find many purer shots than the ones that leave Troy Danielsโ€™ hands and heโ€™s aware of how his opponents see him. Troy loves pump-fakes on the corners where opponents try desperately to rush and close on his 3-point attempts.ย 

First Westbound 60 Freeway Closure Set This Weekend in Jurupa Valley

Thursday, September 26, 2019 (NBC Los Angeles) – Between now and Thanksgiving portions of the 60 Freeway will be shut down for construction. The major overhaul has been nicknamed the โ€˜60 Swarmโ€™. The first full closure of the westbound 60 is set to get underway at 10 p.m. Friday between the 60/91/215 interchange in Riverside and Interstate 15 in Ontario, roughly 13 miles. In addition to the shut downs, extended lane closures are occurring in the construction zone, between Euclid Avenue in Ontario and the 60,91 & 215. Portions of the Interstate 15/Route 60 interchange in Ontario are being periodically closed for the swarm, as well. The closure is not slated to be lifted until 5 a.m. Monday. More information is available at, or via the 60 Swarm hotline: 833-607-9276.