This Week In The News (01/06-01/10)

US, Iran Step Back From the Brink; Region Still on Edge

Wednesday, January 8 (NBC Los Angeles) โ€“ President Donald Trump indicated on Wednesday he would not order a military response against Iran following missile strikes on two bases in Iraq housing U.S. troops. Hours later, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the House would vote to limit Trumpโ€™s military actions related to Iran. American forces in the region continue to remain on high alert. The response came after a U.S. airstrike that killed Iranโ€™s General Qassem Soleimani, which prompted Iran to threaten retaliation.

Uber Makes Big Changes After New CA Law Requires Driver Be Classified as Full-Time Employees

Thursday, January 9 (ABC 7) โ€“ After California passed Assembly Bill 5 requiring Uber to reclassify its drivers as full-time employees, the ride share company is fighting the law in court. The company will now allow drivers to opt out of picking up certain rides without penalty. Also, riders will be given an estimated rather than a set price. Some Uber drivers expressed their desire to remain independent contractors.

1 in Custody After RV Hits School Bus, Parked Cars in Studio City

Thursday, January 9 (ABC 7) โ€“ According to police, one person was detained after an RV hit a school bus and several parked vehicles on Thursday in Studio City. The incident occurred on Ventura Boulevard near Laurelgrove Avenue. Some people reported the sound of the crashes as gunshots. Witnesses said a man crawled out and warned bystanders there were people with guns in the vehicle, but police officers found no one inside.

Uber Driver Arrested on Suspicion of Sexually Assaulting Woman He Picked Up from Tustin Police Station

Thursday, January 9 (KTLA 5) โ€“ Uber driver Amir Attia, 45, of Tustin, was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of sexual assault. Authorities say he allegedly assaulted a 25-year-old woman following a DUI crash two summers ago. In July 2018, the woman had requested an Uber ride after leaving a Tustin police station, where she was taken after being arrested on suspicion of DUI, according to the Santa Ana Police Department. Police say the assault was confirmed through DNA evidence. Attia confessed to assaulting the woman after being arrested, while bail was set at $150,000.

Fatal Ikea Dresser Tip-Over Case Settles for $46M

Thursday, January 9 ( โ€“ Joleen and Craig Dudek, the parents of a 2-year-old boy killed three years ago when an Ikea dresser fell on him, received a $46 million settlement this week, according to lawyers. Attorneys at Feldman Shepherd Wohlgelernter Tanner Weinstock Dodig believe itโ€™s the largest child wrongful death recovery in U.S. history. Court documents show the boy died after the dresser fell and crushed his neck, causing him to suffocate. The Swedish furniture store will advocate for the stabilizing of dressers, as part of the settlement, while the Dudeks say they will donate $1 million of the settlement to consumer advocacy groups.

California Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument on Whether a Settling Employee is an โ€œAggrieved Employeeโ€ for Purposes of Proceeding with a Claim Under the Private Attorneys General Act

Wednesday, January 8 (The National Law Review) โ€“ On Tuesday, the California Supreme Court heard an oral argument to determine whether an employee-plaintiff bringing action under the Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) loses standing to pursue PAGA claims by dismissing individual claims against an employer. In 2017, Kim v. Reins International California held an employee-plaintiff who settled and dismissed individual claims was no longer an โ€œaggrieved employeeโ€ who could bring a claim for civil penalties under PAGA. Following conflicting arguments by Justices, the employeeโ€™s counsel introduced an option, when the named employee-plaintiff is no longer an โ€œaggrieved employeeโ€, to substitute a new plaintiff. This could lead to the California Supreme Court deciding to restructure PAGA claims more like class actions.

$15,000 Reward Offered in Road Rage Attack That Left Father of Three Hospitalized

Friday, January 10 (NBC Los Angeles) โ€“ Jennifer Gonzalez offered a $15,000 reward for information related to a road rage attack on January 1 that left her father in an induced coma. Three men are sought in connection with the attack. The 46-year-old father of three was sucker punched, causing him to fall and hit his head, following a dispute with occupants of a Jeep stopped at a red light on Woodman Avenue at Victory Boulevard.

County Reports New Case of Vaping-Related Lung Injury

Thursday, January 9 (Fox 5) โ€“ On Wednesday, The San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency confirmed a new case of vaping-related lung injury. So far, there have been 43 cases of such injuries in San Diego County. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has linked vitamin E acetate and tetrahydrocannabinol with lung injuries associated with vaping.

Lakers Trade-Deadline Targets: 10 Potential Players Who Can Help Put LeBron James, Anthony Davis Over the Top

Thursday, January 9 (CBS Sports) โ€“ The Los Angeles Lakers are looking for an extra player, as part of a trade, to play alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis. CBS Sportswriter Brad Botkin speculated on Thursday whether they need a backup point guard, starter, or defensive wing. He listed 10 players who could help the Lakers chase the title, including Justise Winslow of the Miami Heat, Bogdan Bogdanovic of the Sacramento Kings, Derrick Rose of the Detroit Pistons, Patty Mills of the San Antonio Spurs, and Dennis Schroder of the Oklahoma City Thunder.