Summer Driving Hazards You Should Know About

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You should be well-versed about driving hazards regardless of the type of weather conditions you typically drive in, but research suggests that more importance be given to summer driver hazards. This is primarily because road accidents increase during summer time, which means that there is something that drivers are doing wrong when the weather is hot and humid that leads to accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released data that shows July and August to be the deadliest months of the year in terms of road accidents.

Staying Safe on the Road this Summer

The summer months are here and the number of accidents has increased which suggests that the data is accurate in singling out summer time to be the most hazardous for drivers. So, what are the reasons for drivers failing to ooperate their vehicles safely in the summertime? It could be due to an influx of tourists, or it might be general lethargy that causes such accidents. To ensure that drivers stay alert and don’t fall prey to traffic-related injuries and deaths during summer, we are going to be highlighting the crucial summer driver hazards you should know.

It doesn’t matter how experienced a driver you already are, anybody can get into a traffic accident, and it may not be your fault. Remember, a good driver is someone that not only drives safely, but also influences the driving of others around them as well. So, if you drive safe, and follow all the rules, other drivers on the road will also be driving safely.

Here are the summer driving hazards you should know:

Unfamiliarity with Drivers

Dangerous driving is generally related to speeding and driving under influence, but unfamiliarity with drivers is another reason why accidents take place. Good drivers tend to protect others while driving, but during the summer months, there is often an influx of tourist drivers. These drivers may not be accustomed to the driving laws and rules of the state or country, and may drive slow or fast at various times. Unpredictable drivers can cause accidents unwillingly, which is just as dangerous as someone who is driving while intoxicated or under drug influence.

Increased Construction on Roads

Most construction is carried out on roads during the summer months, which is mainly because the weather is good. However, it can also lead to accidents on roads, particularly if multiple road projects are being done on a single road. While road construction companies are obligated to put up construction signs to warn drivers of hazardous conditions or closed lanes, sometimes these aren’t put in visible areas. Therefore, drivers that aren’t paying attention tend to miss these signs, which can lead to an accident.

The responsibility also lies with drivers, who should slow down when they see cones, workmen, and construction work going on a road.

Teenage Drivers are Reckless

The number of teenage drivers also increases during summertime, and statistics show that teenage drivers involved in accidents peak during the summer months. This is because teens don’t have school during summer, and will take their car out driving at night or in the evenings. They also tend to be reckless in their driving, and may cause accidents or get into one if they don’t know the proper rules.

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