Slippery Roads Can Cuase SoCal Accidents

Slick roads cause accidents across the nation. In Southern California, this is no different. Recent heavy rains along the coast and snow in the mountains and higher elevations have made roads slippery. Even if it doesnโ€™t snow, rain can make roads slick because of oil deposits and other material on the roads. Other factors such as wind, fog, and pavement conditions can make driving hazardous as well.


But what about the legal aspects of automobile accidents caused by slippery roads? A car accident attorney in Los Angeles must consider all the variables leading up to a crash. Not every accident is someone elseโ€™s fault. A car may skid or slide even if a surface is not frozen. Hydroplaning occurs when water is pushed under the tires by water pressure, separating each tire from the pavement with a thin film of liquid, reducing friction and control.

You can reduce the chances of hydroplaning with:

  • Properly inflated tires
  • Regular tire rotations
  • Driving more slowly
  • Staying clear of puddles/standing water
  • Driving in a lower gear
  • Not braking to hard
  • Avoiding sharp turns

Also, replace tires with worn treads (they should be at least 4/32 inch thick). While driving, try to avoid the outer lanes where there tends to be more water. And turn off cruise control so you can operate the vehicle with more precision.

Avoid Speeding

SoCal drivers always seem to be in a hurry, even if itโ€™s raining. Water on roads reduces traction, which limits the grip your carโ€™s tires have on the road. This can result in loss of control and deadly accidents. The higher the vehicleโ€™s speed, the greater the risk of an accident, so slow down when the roads are wet.

Drive Safely

When the roads are wet, allow for more distance between you and the cars ahead. It takes more time to slow down and stop in the rain or snow. Many winter car accidents are caused by misjudging the distance and time needed to stop at a light and avoid another vehicle. Greater distance also gives you more reaction time in poor visibility.

Abrupt movements, caused by overreacting and turning the steering wheel to sharply, can cause your vehicle to skid. Braking too hard on wet pavement can cause you to lose control as well. Always apply the brakes gently in poor weather and try to turn gradually without any sharp, sudden movements.

Turn on the Headlights

A lack of visibility is a leading cause of accidents. Having your headlights on during a rainy, snowy, or foggy day is very beneficial. Headlights help even when itโ€™s overcast. Your lights will allow other drivers to see you. In California, itโ€™s the law to turn on your headlights in inclement weather or when you are using your windshield wipers.

Maintain Your Windshield Wipers

Dirty wipers can mar your windshield. Worn wipers are practically useless and can make it dangerous to drive. Replacing your windshield wipers every fall improves visibility when the weather gets rough. You might not use them often, but your windshield wipers wear out even in the sun and heat Southern Californianโ€™s are used to.

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