Safe Driving in Winter Weather

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Southern California has experienced significant rainfall lately with more on the way in the coming weeks. While many are thankful for the increase in precipitation, there is the related increase in traffic accidents tied to wet roads and highways. You need to alter your driving habits according, as you could be held responsible for a motor vehicle accident even if your accident was the result of poor driving conditions. Here are some tips on driving safely in wet weather conditions.

Before you turn the ignition, make sure your car is ready for the winter. This means checking your level of antifreeze, putting in new wiper blades, filling up your washer fluid, and checking your tires to see if they have sufficient air and tread.

Driver slower: at least 10-15 miles per hour slower than you normally would. There are often large puddles or black ice on the road which can be quite difficult to see if you are driving too fast. Going slower will give you the chance to see and avoid any such road hazards.

Increase your following distance that you keep between your vehicle and the one in front of you. You should keep about one length of your vehicle for every 10 miles per hour you drive behind the vehicle in front of you when driving in ideal conditions. You need to compensate for any increase in braking distance when the road becomes slick from the rain.

Exercise caution and check the weather forecast before you get in your car. Be flexible with your schedule and give yourself plenty of time to arrive wherever you’re going so you can adjust for bad weather.

It is always a good idea to have an emergency kit handy that includes flashlights, water, food, and a first-aid kit in the event you are involved in a serious accident. You should also remain in your car to avoid being struck by another vehicle.

If you are injured in an automobile accident, your first step after securing medical attention should be to contact a Los Angeles personal injury attorney from the Law Offices of Jacob Emrani who can get to work recovering the financial compensation you need.