Most Common Summer Injuries

The summer of 2020 may not seem like a typical season, with all the outdoor activities that have been closed or scaled back due to COVID-19. Nonetheless, many injuries are more common this time of year. The most common injury types include those involving transportation, burns, and outdoor activities; some are detailed below to help you prevent them.

Bicycle & Motorcycle Injuries

Bicycle-related deaths peak starting in June, with 118 in 2018, according to the National Safety Council (NSC). The rate of bicycle accidents, injuries, and deaths stays high through September. The NSC reported a total of 857 deaths that year, while 424,350 emergency department visits involved someone with a bicycle injury. Fortunately, you can avoid a bike accident by obeying traffic laws, being aware of your surroundings, and wearing a helmet. These and more are detailed in our bicycle safety article.

Motorcycle accident injuries rise as more motorcyclists are on the roads. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration found that motorcyclists account for 14% of traffic-related fatalities. However, motorcycles represent just 3% of motor vehicles. Riders can protect themselves, and others, by having the proper license, practicing using their motorcycle, and wearing protective gear as well as being responsible, sober, and visible to other drivers.

Burn Injuries

All-too-many summer injuries involve a burn. Using fireworks, whether illegal types or ones often considered safe, such as sparklers, can result in a serious injury. A burn injury can also result from improper use of an outdoor grill. Campfires are fun, but a lack of caution can result in a trip to the hospital. Taking extra precautions around fires (such as keeping a safe distance and having extra water around just in case) improves safety and peace of mind. Always provide adult supervision when there are children around.

And don’t forget that the sun is a leading source of burns. There were close to 34,000 visits to the emergency room in 2013 for serious sunburns. To protect yourself, use a sunscreen with an SPF
of at least 30.

Car Accidents

People drive more frequently in summer, including less experienced teens when school is out. NSC statistics released for 2018 show that car accidents peak in the summer months and into the fall. A combination of factors increases the risk. Many involve hit-and-run incidents and pedestrian injuries. Avoid alcohol before driving and, if possible, driving at night or in unfamiliar areas. Also, be more attentive to maintenance issues as the summer heat can lead to vehicle breakdowns. Pedestrians can increase their safety by being aware of their surroundings and avoiding the streets at night.

Swimming & Water-Related Injuries 

Swimming-related injuries occur at the ocean shore, lake, or pool. Diving injuries are among the most common, and often lead to spinal cord injuries. Avoid diving in shallow waters and always jump feet-first into a lake or river. Drowning is a common cause of swimming-related deaths in pools or while boating, jet skiing, or engaging in water sports. To avoid trouble, always supervise kids in the water, don’t swim during inclement weather, and stay alert (keep headphones off) around water areas, so you can hear if someone is having an emergency.

Sports Injuries

Twisted ankles, sprained wrists, and broken bones occur more frequently in summer. A sports injury can leave you hospitalized or at home recovering for the rest of the season. Injuries often occur while playing soccer basketball, tennis, baseball, softball, football, and even frisbee or while using a trampoline. You can avoid harm by wearing protective clothing, playing by the rules, and avoiding aggression. See a doctor immediately if there are signs you’re seriously hurt.

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