Making Sure Your Teen Knows How to Drive Safe

Getting a driving license can be very exciting, but it is invaluable that young people appreciate how important it is to practice safe driving habits.

After acquiring their driving license, teenagers get very enthusiastic since they are able to drive without restrictions, but their getting out on the road and driving without any supervision can worry parents given the danger implicit in driving and the devastating effects a car accident can have.

According to statistics, young and inexperienced drivers are more prone to accidents than experienced ones. This gives parents more cause for concern about their children once they earn their driving license. Since serious accidents are not uncommon, it is important that parents ensure the safety of their teens who have just recently acquired their driving licenses.

Is your teen ready to drive?

To earn a driver’s license, parental consent is necessary, so it is up to you to decide whether your teen is ready or not. But deciding whether your teen has learned proper driving technique or not is a subjective question. To guide you in the process and help you in properly evaluating your teen’s progress, the State’s Department of Motor Vehicles provides several resources. You can go through them to make sure that you have covered all aspects to decide when your child is ready to go on the road by themselves.

Advising Your Teen on How to Drive Safely

To ensure that your child not only succeeds in getting the driving license, but practices safe driving later on as well, the DMV provides all the necessary and important information and advice.

The DMV provides:

  • Information about the provisional license
  • Parental consent and consequences of consent revocation
  • Necessary requirements pertaining to the provisional license
  • Topics for parents to discuss with their teens
  • Suggestions for safe driving and helpful instruction

Safety Guidelines:

The California DMV has a Parent Teen Driving Contract on their website, which they recommend that every parent and teen should review and sign. The contract defines the role of each individual and explains the expectations each side should have of each other once the teen start driving.

Other ways to ensure the safety of your teen include: 

  1. Make sure that you have gone through all the important driving lessons in the training guide.
  2. Teach them driving in various conditions
  3. Explain to them that their driving privileges can be revoked if their driving warrants it

One only becomes a good driver by gaining experience from driving. Your teen will learn only by getting behind the wheels. Although you may feel that the chances of accidents will increase if they are driving more, don’t let this fear hamper their learning.

If your teen child gets in a car accident, consulting with a Los Angeles personal injury attorney for the proper evaluation of the case is also important.

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