Who is Liable for Injuries to Your Child at School?

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Every school must deal with altercations on the playground, and kids falling and hurting themselves. However, did you know that your children have their own rights when they get injured while at school? If the child is injured physically, then the school district, administrators, counselors, and teachers may all be held accountable for negligence.

It is the duty and responsibility of the school personnel to look after and protect children, which includes their physical and emotional well-being, and if your child suffers an injury at school, then you can hold the school liable.

Physical abuse and bullying

Bullying in the digital age has taken on a different meaning, especially on social media. Today, children have smartphones, and this means that they can be targeted on school property as well as off it. If the bullying takes place on school grounds, then the administrators have an obligation to protect the children, and you should have an attorney involved as well.

The school administrators must set a good example when children fight against one another, or if there is a case of persistent bullying where one child is being targeted by a group. They must act against the guilty party, and protect them, by placing the perpetrators in different classrooms, and holding meetings with both parents of all children involved. They should also reschedule the recess, lunches, and common activities held together, so that they never come into contact again. This will prevent future injury to the students, and ensure that physical abuse and bullying ends.

Premises liability concerns

The school administration must also take responsibility for hosting any school activities or field trips, because if anything happens to the children on those trips, the school will be held accountable. The school administration must also provide proper supervision to students, which means that they need to prevent children from getting involved in dangerous activities including fighting, which may lead to injury to the student in the classroom or the playground.

What Can I do to Protect my Child?

It is imperative that parents have an active and healthy relationship with the school administration and school personnel directly responsible for your children. There should be healthy communication between parents and the school, which will help identify problems like children getting bullied at school, or if students are partaking in dangerous activities on school premises.

As a parent, whenever you communicate with school personnel, you need to make sure that you document everything about what you told the school administration. This is critical information that you must record, because if the school administration fails to act on a concern that you voiced, then this can be used in court as vital information for the school’s negligence.

Consult with a knowledgeable Los Angeles personal injury attorney to determine if you are elgible to file a cliam for compensation on behalf of your injured child. No one should have to pay for the damage done by an assault, so discuss your situation with the Law Offices of Jacob Emrani as soon as you can.

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